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Hybrid-Kid Mateo
Who's this "Mateo" faggot?
Who's this "Mateo" faggot?

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drawn by +AppletailTV 
because she's the realest nigga I know

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My mom is just discovering funny pictures on Facebook. It's like watching a kid get on for the first time.

That last drawing I did? With all the blue and the sword?

Yeah, I'm genuinely hurt it didn't get much exposure, considering how much I put into it.

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If anyone wants to get a beta invite for Aviate, just let me know I have 4 left and nobody to give them too, but it's a great launcher.

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So I made a song. The following is copy pasta information, that I'm ~not~ retyping:


"So this might come off kind of attention-whorish [that of which I don't care. I know what I want out of saying this, and attention is not it], but...

This could be the last time I really make a song with the intent to publish it on the web when it's done. Anyone who knows that I make music, knows I don't make it for any reason besides for my own listening enjoyment. I have weird tastes, that not many people would share.

I just don't see a reason to really upload every song I make anymore. I'm at a point where I feel like, I'm the only person who would like where my music has went, but I love it where it is now. As an art, is it still improving? Duh. But that's not the point.

The point is, why would I go through the hassle [yes, the hassle] of uploading my music, when a handful of people, if even that many, share interest in it? Hell, those people can ask me for it.

At the most, what I may start doing is uploading just when I feel like it, which is the equivalent of never lol

For now, I'm going to push this track, okay, and if people ~do~ explicitly want me to post my music still, I have no issue with doing that, as I have no issue with not. Regardless, I'm fine either way."

I'm never uploading a WIP of a drawing ever using the save dialog because SAI is the worst software ever. And I hope the developers catch a rare strand of Super Cancer and die for being shitty people, making an ultra-sensitive program.


Changed my name. Until I can think up something better, this is the new name.

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The issue with G+ pages are is that they're hard to grow unless the people who have you circled are active on G+, so they can be active on your page.

Nobody here is active on the page, so I'm stuck in limbo x3

Fine by me though.
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