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Guy Phatom
Guy is the biggest maker on the world.
Guy is the biggest maker on the world.

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If this was the key to Pou2, where you can take your Pou to a ride around the city and drive to your friends... ^_^

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A competition based blooper series! Can you be one of them to win a NEW concept for Microsoft Sam or Mike? Or get rights to do your own GLB? Or a NEW AVATAR?! Hurry up until September 1!

Submit your own blooper! Make sure it's funniest according by Sam and Mike! 

I am going to make a bizarre TTS video. You would not believe what will it feature.

I'll present a new costume of MS Sam.

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This Tuesday's the final day of 6th grade. I hope I finished the race 1st on June 28.

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Nothing to say. Except that I mustn't miss a month without such a blog post.

I had a sudden encounter on April 15 at 7:42 (am).

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Those two guys debut on May 8 or before that. #richtonvspoorton  

Prince is dead at age 57! :(
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