Co-op World Creation (Pre-DW Campaign) via MicroscopeRPG

I've been reading about #MicroscopeRPG and even listened to an Actual Play this morning. It has me thinking it could be really cool to use it to cooperatively craft the history of a world with my DW players, and then use that resulting product (the world/history) as the theme for a new campaign world in DW (played by those same players of course).

The idea here is that it would allow the players to help set the theme of the world initially which in turn would (theoretically) make it easier (faster) for them to take that active role in world development while in-game. With the blank white slate we have initially, some of them find it hard to answer things like... "who is the ruler here", etc. Working up that initial world theme may not actually answer this question, but it could help a player come up with an answer they are happy with.

Any thoughts on this? Have you in fact tried this? +Adam Koebel replied to me in Twitter about this saying "Microscope-into-DW is a classic" - still not sure if that means he had tried it yet, so that kind of prompted this post, to see if anyone here has. Thanks!
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