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C.M. Boots-Faubert
Every time you turn around, there you are!
Every time you turn around, there you are!

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Microsoft LIVE Xbox Game Pass
Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new subscription-based service called Xbox Game Pass -- describing it as a new digital gaming subscription service for the Xbox One community offering  incredible value for the relatively low monthly fee of $9.99 pe...

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Storage Problems Solved!
Recently I discovered I was in a little trouble - my Xbox One started acting really funny and at times would slow down to a crawl.  That got my attention - and I took a look via System and discovered to my horror that the internal drive was down to 7% capac...

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Retro Games, Rotation, and the Gamer
- or -   A Question of Retro Games,  Game Play
Rotation Lists,  & Modem Gamers Well unless Angry Birds happens to be
in his Game Play Rotation List that is! The Most Dangerous Gamer (Comic) by Nicole Wakelin on December 10, 2012   PREFACE There has never be...

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. . . Status Update and Buzzard Luck.
I have good news and I have bad news.
The good news is that I am not dead. The bad news is that at various
points over the past 8 weeks or so I found myself almost wishing I
was. You lot have sent me piles of email
asking after me and why I suddenly went...

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Planning and Building a Home Network for the Video Gamer
Creating a
Gamer-Oriented Home Network A Network
Tech Series Feature (Chapter 1) by CM Boots-Faubert The realm of computers and network tech
today is so far advanced and so well integrated into the modern home
that the vocabulary of the average person inclu...

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Friending and Unfriending
 One of my favorite techniques as a
writer - and a human - is dropping into the middle of conversations
that are ongoing; the simple act of doing so leaves the new arrival
(me) -- or the reader (you in the case where I have been writing and
that's the mech...

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When Patches Attack
Fallout games are not exactly known for not having issues - but this time around it is Fallout 4 having the issues and, oddly, only since the most recent patch to add in support for the upcoming Nuka World Expansion DLC... I don't believe that I have ever b...

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Pokemon GO
If this were not the Speaking Of... Blog I would have used a flashy headline for this story - like "Pokemon GO Home" or something similar - but it's not.  The traditional structure of the headlines here are to address the subject being discussed, hence the ...

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Game Industry Problems
Just so we are clear, yes, this is a Masonic Conspiracy... You don't have to be ancient to be
aware that at one time the studio system in Hollywood was this vast
evil empire of powerful people who took advantage of the dreams - and
careers - of aspiring act...

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. . . the Reason for My Website Redesign
Pictures of Doggies!  In Sweaters! Too CUTE - Eye's and Heart melting!   Now you are distracted! Last month I began the slow and painful
process of deployment of the first redesign for my professional
writing website - what was previously
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