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Those on T-Mobile taking advantage of the 2 free lines. What are some different use cases you are utilizing these new lines? 2 voice or 2 mobile data linea or any combination of this. Wanting to share different use cases. I am considering the 2 mobile data as hotspot or tablet. Share below.

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Can WordPress be used to design a basic website that will not utilize the blogging functionality? New to web design so looking for the best way to design a simple website. If there are cheap options to do hosting and design, please share. Open to suggestions.

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Seems Allo is their RCS client the way it's described in this article. Thoughts? So anyone on iPhone can message me on Allo and it will come through? I know previously it's been said they have to download the app too on iPhone.

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Does hangouts app crash frequently for anyone else? Everytime I open on my Nexus 6 running dp5, it will restart after 5 seconds. Just as I get halfway through typing a message. Very annoying and makes me not want to use hangouts at all. I've tried resetting by deleting data, cache and uninstalling/reinstalling. But none have these above been a long term fix. Any other solutions? What did you do?
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Move on to another app(suggestions pls)
No issue for me
Fixed the issue myself

What are other alternative messaging apps that do similar things to Allo? It should be compatible across devices and allow sending/receiving messages from any device (Android/iOs). This might also be where Allo falls short. Suggest away in the comments.

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Has the Google search app been draining battery since the last update for others? Has anyone found a fix for it? I've only uninstalled and gone to factory version for it to not drain battery.
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Yes, drains like crazy
No issues

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What is the best security type when using Android pay on Nexus 6 since it doesn't have the fingerprint reader. The Pin seems to just take too long with too many errors at times.

I just put in a MRA with Motorola for my Nexus 6 due to the screen flickering. The person on the phone told me that the new phone I receive will be "Like New" and not refurbished. For those that have gone through this process, is this correct? My concern is that they will send me a refurbished phone.

Appreciate your feedback on how this MRA works directly through Motorola.

Hi, I have flashed the MRA58K build and had no issues at home. When I arrived at work, I connect to the WiFi and it automatically disconnected and tries to do a reconnect. Is there a way to fix this? Does anyone else have the same problem?

The work WiFi does have an authentication page but it doesn't even reach that far. The WiFi signal does not turn off, just disconnect from network and reconnect.

Appreciate any help on this.
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