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Stream I've finally done some brocading. Megan started, but got really frustrated and handed it over to me. The ball was vaguely charted but the chart was not closely adhered to. The base weave is 10/2 perle cotton, 3/1 repp (double-turn/double-face). The brocade weft is 5/2 perle cotton doubled. I was able to work out weaving mechanics that worked reasonably well. This opens the door to doing favors with a third (otherwise impossible) color in small areas. I expect there to be a bit of a surcharge for that, but it shouldn't be too bad.
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I didn't feel as if my choice of tie down points was at all constrained. In this case, I was simply winging it as I went along.
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I passed up Atlantian University to go to some other kingdom's A&S championships. Shamelessly motivated by +Lissa Underhill's pending recognition for her artistic accomplishments, I also looked forward to an opportunity to play with sickles and hang out and visit with diverse friends.

I was utterly not disappointed in any way. It was trivial to get +Timothy Walsh going. Just push the play button and he was off, talking about simple murderous mayhem with sickles and walking through the first play with me. Woo! I don't see me ever having the time to actually get involved with fencing, so mostly-vicarious playing around the edges is fine by me.

The site happened to be the Friends Meeting where I went growing up, and where I was married. It was an interesting homecoming of sorts.

I got to see Galfredius' spiffy early clay stove with three burners and a grill. It's about 40 pounds of clay that apparently works pretty well.

It was wonderful to put faces and names together, cementing a number of online acquaintances. And seeing Lissa not only get her Laurel, but win the competition to become the Queen's champion -- Woo!

It was a suitably full day with hanging out and chatting with a number of friends I don't see often.

And, on a geographically related note, I was in a position to pick up some of the *good* Lebanon Bologna (being the Weavers brand). That is what my mother swore by, and having been able to refresh my familiarity with it in recent months, it beats Seltzer and Kunzler hands-down. Acme stocks it in their delis, and there was an Acme in Woodstown.
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Yeah, I absolutely agree! I'm bummed that I can't make it, but life is what it is. Hopefully next year.
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This Is Cool.
It is LIVE. The Periodic Table Scarf kickstarter is now launched! Please spread the word about this! Let's make this happen!
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It's not the $5, it's that there is more than twice as much scarf for close to the same price.
When talking about dorm decor, you can get a lot more bang for the buck with the Spoonflower fabric.
What the shop could do is get some fabric custom printed and then have a local workshop hem it into scarves and see how they sell.
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Now you can play Exploding Kittens with your fellow iOS buddies. Bluetooth/WiFi is the vehicle for "talking amongst one another"; it's meant for playing in reasonably close proximity to each other.
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fucking awesome game
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Well, crap. And fuck cancer.
Rickman was known for his roles in the "Harry Potter" films and "Die Hard."
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same here
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Galfredius' spiffy stove...made by Eadric the Potter. Three burners plus grill, as seen at K&Q A&S.
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I watched some of the progression of this piece on Fb. (:

+Rob Van Rens has mad skills, yo.
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Things I picked up on my way home Saturday. 
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+Dan Rossi -- the stuff of which I spoke. Tadcaster, even.
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I scored some of this at Webs this weekend. You can get a decent idea of the twist angle from this picture. It seems reasonably tightly spun; a single. 5000 ypp (which suggests to me that calling it a "1/10.8" might be accurate). I'm looking at trying it for card weaving. I've got four one pound cones. 
The colors of this stunning Shetland Mill End are rich and deep in variations that are more complex than your standard heathers. The 100% Shetland wool yarn is strong and suitable for warp, making it perfect to weave yardage for garments and more. Perhaps a nice fulled blanket?
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I haven't tried singles before. This looked like it might be tightly spun enough to make it work. Or it may fail miserably. If so, then I'll just have to apply it to unspecified loom weaving. 
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The sneaux...

During the day Saturday, I went out several times and made/cleaned up some paths, particularly up to the apartment. One path ended up collecting about six more inches before the last pass late when the snow was just about done. 

Sunday was "get a running start on digging things out" day, abetted by the neighbors who had parked a whole pile of vehicles in their driveway. At the foot was a pickup truck parked crosswise. They had three adults out there wielding shovels and picking at the end of my driveway. They needed to do that to be able to get the pickup truck out of its spot. We attacked my driveway from the street in. The snow was nearly perfect for shoveling. Not dry powder that would be like shoveling flour in the wind, and not wet and heavy. It stuck together just enough that the lower layers could come out in blocks.

We got enough of my driveway cleared so that the neighbors could extract the pickup truck and then put it in my driveway. The street was plowed do a couple of inches of packed snow, but not full width. I don't think it was ever impassible.

After about an hour and twenty minutes of vigorous shoveling, I came inside. I didn't get much rest before I was informed that the neighbors were busily shoveling out the driveway, so I went back out to join the fun. They were motivated to make a place to park several vehicles while they dug out their driveway. What a bargain!

I kept at it for another 30 minute session and got my car essentially dug out and substantially de-snowed. A bit more picking at the edges occurred later, as well. 

I'm sore, with muscles complaining about being unaccustomed to the level of sustained exertion, but I don't thing I broke anything. Vitamin I is my friend.

Today, we got my wife's car dug out made a path for her. And the RV can be moved, too. Much of my driveway is now clear black asphalt and some of it might even be dry. Paths got widened to let us drag loads of bins out to the RV with a hand truck. 

Meanwhile, the snow covering my back yard is lightly tracked by birds, and there was a set of cat prints from the shed over to the stairs as one of the feral cats came through, but otherwise no large animals.

Peanut oil is quite solid at the temperatures we have outside. 

I'll be going out in my car later to reconnoiter the conditions. I want to see if it's at all plausible to take Metro to work tomorrow, but that involves substantial walking over sidewalks that are probably not all cleared. We'll see...

I'm pretty satisfied with how this has played out. There has been no real drama, nor personal injury. Digging out has gone rather better than I had planned on. 
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#remotebeerclub   #remotebeerparty  
Not chilled, so a bit foamy. 
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That could be really good.
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Hmmm...I've never heard of a 40 foot hole under a room  in a house before. Nope. Not at all.
Deborah Miller Mckague says she was putting clothes in her washing machine Monday when she fell through a hole that suddenly opened up in her floor.
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By which I mean, us too, but prior owners (like 1930s-1940s) already built an extension over it and then (1970s) a cold greenhouse beyond that. So, best we've done so far is to build a platform cap so nobody actually falls into the hole itself. 
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Interesting ideas indeed.
And now I'm hungry
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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I'm getting pretty good at making mac and cheese that's gluten-free and doesn't contain cow dairy
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