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Michael Houghton (Herveus d'Ormonde)
Herald, woodworker,weaver, computer and database geek, poker of hornet's nests
Herald, woodworker,weaver, computer and database geek, poker of hornet's nests

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Selfie Thursday and International Tiara Day
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So I had the distinct "pleasure" of seeing an ad on TV. For a real product. And Snopes has verified that it is the real deal... You may scream in horror now. Complete with combable orange hair.
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Meme-sheep. :-)

1. Who was the first peer you ever met in the SCA?

I have no idea. First I have to decide "when". And "in the SCA" as opposed to a non-SCA context.

2. Who was the first person you saw elevated to the peerage?

Sir Volodya of Cambion. His primary weapons form was "army".

3. Which Crowns gave you your first award/AoA?

Michael and Seonaid, at Pennsic, where the Atlantian court got real interesting and truncated and ended up with a ruling from the BoD. When the King of Atlantia tries to give the Prince of the East a Pearl...

4. Who were the first royals you actually knew?

Again definitions. "actually knew"? Hmmm...I'm going to go with Timothy of Arindale. I heralded a tourney at Pennsic (the Pennsic mentioned above) in which Tim (unbelted) lost in the finals to Lucan in a pisser of a match. A day or three later, he was knighted on the field, in which the sword he was dubbed with was bent over one shoulder. And then managed to "lose" his chain that evening. And as ransom, the payment was him fighting with Clan Cambion in the Pennsic Field Battle the next year. As King of Caid.
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That went well.

[no, I'm not sitting naked on a rock in the desert]

We've had a squirrel in our attic. I'm pretty sure I have the only egress stopped up.

I checked the attic this evening. The trap had an occupant. It fell for peanut butter.

Pictures were taken and have been posted on another social network. Feeling magnanimous, I simply let the squirrel out, none the worse for the wear.

Just to be safe, the trap is rebaited and armed and dangerous again.
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My azaleas. Maybe 18” high. I planted them last year or the year before. They are deciduous. The yellowis not quite fully open.
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Good morning, good afternoon, and good night Pittsburgh!

Caps finally get out of the second round of the playoffs with an overtime win in game six in front of the Penguins fans.
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The database has been updated to include the February 2018 LoAR.

There were additions and corrections to

bass cornetto - see musical instrument, horn
calligrapher's knife - see tool, artistic
crayfish - see fish, lobster
fleshpot - see cauldron
hazelnut - see fruit, nut, not acorn
Japanese nail puller - see tool, other and billet
lion-dragon - see monster, dragon and monster, sea, lion and monster, composite and monster, winged
monster, alphyn - see monster, other
nail puller, Japanese - see tool, other and billet
snowdrop - see flower, trumpet shape
trireme - see ship, lymphad
waterlily - see flower, cup shape lists the added, changed, and deleted
records in the database.

There is an RSS feed of LoARs at feed:// that is
updated daily.


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Interesting blurbs in I know anyone these shoes might fit?
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It's baaaack!
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...and don't forget the schickel. +Timothy Walsh
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