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Colin Kaepernick...

I've been reading a variety of articles on the subject. I've seen a range of expressions in favor and against from a variety of sources. I quickly concluded that the outrage was really being stoked by all manner of people whose business it wasn't, and who were not familiar with the Streisand effect.

Today, I have come across a claim that this would have been an unlikely event not ten years ago. That would be because the practice of having the teams on the field for the national anthem did not become standard NFL practice until 2009, coincident with taking lots of DoD money.

This is not a "long standing practice whose origins are lost in the mists of antiquity" that Kaepernick is flouting.

What's better? The event that sparked this swirl was the third game in which he sat on the bench. The third time. No one noticed. Of course, he wasn't trying to draw attention to himself.

On the other hand, now that he got noticed, there has been conversation and numerous people have grabbed the opportunity to show how warped their sense of patriotism is. And in many cases, the depth of their racism. And on the other side, many more have been inspired to join the protest, some a bit more demonstratively.

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The etiquette behind honouring the flag or national anthem is easily available to find. No mists of antiquity involved, more 1940's rewrite to remove certain parts that looked like a Nationalist (Nazi) copy.
Importantly Kaepernick is not breaking a code or law. However a good many citizens maybe instead.
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This. So much this. And if this expresses a concept you find repugnant, shame on you.

All the drama in the instant matter seems to be coming from people whose business it isn't.
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It wasn't until I saw the longer clip of his comments that I got the basis of his protest. After a number of some recent [federal] events, I must confess to not pledging allegiance. People not sheeple.
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Well. Bob Goodlatte and Jason Chaffetz have the benefit of congressional immunity to charges of making false statements to law enforcement. That's a good thing for them and a bad thing for the blatant dishonest attempt to frame Hillary Clinton.

This is Hillary Derangement Syndrome taken to the next level.

Endless efforts by congressional Republicans to foil or foul up Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency have hit a new low. The members of Congress involved cannot be sued for defamation, since they...
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John Dean is a class act. I've met him.
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Another study, this time in Britian, and looking at wild bees in particular. This looks at the problem from a different angle. The story quotes pesticide industry folks who point out that the research doesn't necessarily pin the tail on their donkey (a point the researchers don't gloss over).
New research has provided some of the strongest evidence yet that pesticides can do serious, long-term damage to bee populations. And the findings may help fuel the ongoing debate about
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Reminder: just because Rudy (apparently) didn't mention this detail in his response to the outrage doesn't change the fact that this pull quote isn't the boner implied. He didn't help himself with his "abbreviated language" response. He could have pointed out that he had been discussing 9/11 earlier in the talk and was referring to the time "post-Patriot Act" (aka "Bush Kept Us Safe"). He could even have counter-attacked over the "deceptive editing" implicit in all this. But no, he put air under the wings of the calumny. That's just stupid.
A truncated clip of remarks made by Rudy Giuliani suggested he didn't recall 9/11, but he discussed the attack at length immediately prior to those remarks.
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I read the "no Islamic terrorism..." as a claim that after 9/11, we were "safe" until Obama. The meme excoriating Rudy elided an important part of that in order to "mock" Rudy for "forgetting" that he was mayor on 9/11. Given the full context of the quoted remark, the meme was bullshit.

It may have been an "exact" quote, but it omitted important context whose presence would have rendered the excoriation laughable. You want to mock Rudy? There's plenty of actual verifiable material out there. There's no need to quote out of context.
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Interesting essay by Garrison Keillor.
The 2016 election is a choice between an organization woman and a man who fancies himself a hero.
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There was a bug in the startup of the search engine that didn't properly sort out all the feature relationships.

It's fixed now. 
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The database has been updated to include the June 2016 LoAR.

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This was a busy weekend. I'm going to be so sore...

We discovered that the roof of our shed was leaking. Upon further examination, the shingles were beyond shot.

Starting Friday afternoon, I stripped off the old shingles (under which there was no tar paper or anything else but plywood). Saturday, I began recovering the roof. First tar paper, because...and shingling. It was hot. I took breaks at suitable intervals and kept hydrated. Hail hydrate!

Today, my son came down to help, and we managed to finish the job!

Well, except for the bit about the pile of dead shingles I have to get rid of now. I'm guessing somewhere around 600-700 pounds of dead shingles to dispose of.

But that shed should be good for at least twenty years now.
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Glad to hear that! :)
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And in today's bucket of wisdom comes the cautionary gem:

Remember, most of Trump's most controversial statements come from him repeating crazy shit he heard from the far-right fever swamps. And when it comes to fever swamps, Breitbart is the motherfucking Everglades.

Now, I've long discounted anything sourced from as unreliable, even if it was reporting on the wetness of water. But I like this turn of phrase.
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I wonder if Ozzy Osbourne would allow Trump the use of Crazy Train for a campaign song?
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Great Googly Moogly!

That thunderstorm was way excessive. An early lightning stroke hit a tree next door and right outside the apartment. Sparks on the window screen close. Sulfurous smells close. Knocked the A/C offline. Probably fried the router up there and our FiOS router. Waiting for the storm to pass enough to permit going outside to check things in the shop.

Hoping the A/C simply tripped a breaker...
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In the light of day, I could tell which tree got nailed. There's a maple tree with several long vertical stripes of "blown off bark". That puts the stroke about 30 feet from where my daughter was sitting.

No signs of "asploding trees"; just blown off bark.

I'm betting that the long cat 5 cable connecting the house router to the apartment router was the antenna that delivered a serious surge to both routers. I hope the cable itself is not damaged. I'd hate to have to pull it again. It's a buried conduit somewhere over 100 feet long. At least I could use the old cable to pull the new one.
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Interesting study of potential interest to my apiarist friends.

It does not discount the danger neonicotinoids pose to bees, but tries to measure the risk (distinguishing between risk and hazard) presented by actual observed neonicotinoid concentrations in beebread (stored pollen).

I didn't see any obvious warning signs.
BEES - Neonicotinoid pesticides pose low risk to honey bees - WSU research
A study by Washington State University shows that neonicotinoid pesticides pose little risk to bees in real-world settings, as published in the Journal of Economic Entomology.

WSU researchers, with help from of 92 Washington beekeepers, studied 149 apiaries across the state. See

#honeybees #pollination   #entomology   #bumblebees   #bees   #apiaries   #pollinate #agriculture   #farming   #WSU   #GoCougs  
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I continue in my conviction that honey bee decline is a complex issue, and one piece of it is neonics and other pesticides.
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