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This week's Hungry Harvest included a pound of Lychee fruits.

My prior life experience with Lychee was in the form of Lychee Black Tea, which I found totally Not To My Taste. Thus, it was with some trepidation that I peeled one (like a hard boiled egg) and popped it in my mouth.

I am pleased to be able to report that it was quite nice. No Ack! Thhppt!

Now, when I googled "lychee fruit", I was dismayed that the top two hits went to mercola dot com. That's high on my list of Sites To Distrust Utterly. Thankfully, I found sufficient to inform me on things as simple as "how do you eat one?"

I knew and expected that Hungry Harvest would expose me to new and different (and sometimes wonderful) produce. You never know exactly what you will get each week.
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My first lychee experience was lychee cola at Atlanta's Coca-Cola museum. (It's one of the more interesting flavors that they only sell overseas, because Americans are such plebeians.) Our big Korean market store will occasionally get them in, and they're quite tasty. Glad you enjoyed them too!
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My son and my wife's son and his wife showed up for Christmas. We had the whole family here. Presents were exchanged. Dinner happened.

Pork Wellington two ways; creamed corn; roasted brussels sprouts; acorn squash stuffed with caramelized onions; steamed broccoli. Minimal leftovers (except for the pork which was to be expected).

And 30 dozen chocolate chip cookies and 94 pork dumplings made over the weekend to boot. Woo!
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Yum (except for the onions).
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A nice article on Canadian heraldry. There also a quote from one David B. Appleton down in there.

I've had the pleasure to meet and chat with Madame Boudreau and to hear her speak. It was a fascinating talk and lovely conversation. 
While other countries may stick to lions, unicorns and medieval shields, Canada’s badges and coats of arms abound with bison mermaids and flying polar bears
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An amusing bit of Shakespearean jurisprudence...
The line for the Jingle Ball, which took place last night at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, stretched down 7th Street and around the corner onto F Street. Groups of huddled teenagers and young couples, arm in arm, waited in the cold for the annual holiday concert, featuring artists who w
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This is a way cool store full of scientific goodness. You don't even have to go to Philly to shop there.

Buy cool stuff!
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The database has been updated to include the September 2016 LoAR.

There are no changes to this month. lists the added, changed, and deleted
records in the database.


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The database has been updated to include the October 2016 LoAR.

There have been a number of additions and corrections to

ape clog - see tool, other
arbalest stock - see gun and bow
arthropod, scorpion - see also arthropod, lobster
chamomile flower - see flower, multipetaled
clog, ape - see tool, other
crowth - see musical instrument, harp
equatorium - see tool, astronomical and roundel
flower, chamomile - see flower, multipetaled
flower, lupin - see flower, trumpet shape
flower, mustard - see flower, few petals and quatrefoil
house - see architecture
lupin - see flower, trumpet shape
masculyn - see mascle
mill - see tool, agricultural
mustard flower - see flower, few petals and quatrefoil
orange blossom - see flower, rose
perruque - see clothing, headgear
porphyrio - see bird, whole
punner - see tool, other
sock - see clothing, footgear
spool - see tool, textile
spool of thread - see tool, textile
streitgabelklinge - see head, weapon
tablet, weaver's - see billet and tool, textile
thyrsus - see staff
weaver's tablet - see billet and tool, textile lists the added, changed, and deleted
records in the database.


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The 5th Edition
Islay, 50% ABV

A new distillery established 2005.

"matured for over five years in a combination of fresh and refill bourbon barrels"

Quite pale.

Light nose - suggestive of Laphroaig

As a five year old, I was wondering how harsh it might be. I was pleasantly surprised. It has a light, crisp flavor with a pronounced sweetness. A splash of water did not make a big difference.

All in all, a delightful find.

They claim to be one of the smallest distilleries.

I found this at State Line Liquors in Elkton, MD. There was the fifth and the sixth editions and three (or was it four) expressions from various sorts of casks.
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So, friends of mine who are familiar with the Russian language, what say you to this essay? I'm particularly looking at you, +Juliean Galak.
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I have to agree with the blogger - I don't really buy it.  Yes, there are two words.  Yes, they have slightly different meanings.  "Pravda", as I read it, is truth - factual correctness.  "Istina" is also truth, but more "the heart of the matter" kind of truth.  But neither is malleable or surface.  They just have slightly different usage. 
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Among the blogs I follow is Dorf on Law ( Michael Dorf and Sherry Colb both blog regularly, sometimes together, and they are both practicing vegans.

There have been a number of articles discussing ethics and morality as it bears on the production of meat for eating, and also on abortion as it relates to the termination of sentient or proto-sentient life. These have been thoughtful essays that are worth reading, regardless of where you stand on the questions. They really discuss and don't try to prescribe. Persuade, sure, but that does not come across as their primary focus.

If you are looking for outrage, don't read these.
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Wikipedia recently profiled "An introduction to animal ethics", the first study by a (relatively) mainstream academic that touches on this subject. I am planning on purchasing the book and reading it. I've also published my own essays on the topic of the ethics of eating animal life, you can read it in Witchvox under the title "I'll grind your bones to make my bread" (yes, the article takes its title from the old fairy tale). Personally I agree that one should generally at least know the talking points about an issue, especially before having a knee jerk reaction against a position. I won't say more here (you can read my own essay to see my own take) on this hot button issue.
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An amusing drawing...
Daily illustrations, sketches and drawings from Mattias Adolfsson
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Found in today's Washington Post...I suppose this is a warning of sorts.
The man responsible for many of this year's viral political hoaxes thinks he may have swung the election.
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Yesterday, I had the whitefish with green beans and mac'n'cheese; today, I ordered brisket with green beans and mac'n'cheese, but got collards instead of beans. Collards are not something a routinely eat. I'll eat these any day. The fish was outstanding; the brisket heavenly. The mac'n'cheese was really good too. This all from the truck at the Navy Yard. And the food came up really quickly, too.
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