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La araña discoteca
La araña discoteca


So I was asked about having grown up in a cult. It's a slow day--anybody want to ask me things about growing up in a cult?

I'm Cat deVice. I'm an American (Missouri by way of Kansas) who lives in Canada. I'm a PhD candidate in Classics (that's Latin and Greek), working on too many things. I'm interested in classical reception in modern SF and fantasy, but my dissertation work is on representations of the objectification of the human body in ancient literature, drawing on horror theory and HRI, a subset of robotics theory.

I love zombie movies, my pet snakes and cat, absurdity, and dyeing my hair ridiculous colours.

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It's international book week. Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your status.

"SERVANT: The lamp has burned up all its oil."


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I copy what says, verbatim and in its entirety:

Well, let’s see:

1) You force everyone to use real names that are identifiable.
2) You recruited heavily from the white male tech crowd as your root base before opening up to the public
3) Anyone can reshare your shit once they see it, whether you want them to or not
4) So public posts are often flooded by mansplaining Libertarian racists and they can publicly blast it to summon more of their ilk AND pull up your real world personal info.


(Disclaimer: this one is actually public, so there may be mansplaining Libertarian racists.)

Oh god, they've changed the interface.

I have a new pair of tall wedges that make me like 6'1". It is the most awesome thing ever. They're very comfortable, super cute, and I love the way a really tall wedge gives me this leggy stalk, like an angry giraffe.

Y hello thar, summer shoe weather.

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Cat deVice hung out with 22 people.Heather M, Waleed Khan, Brian Sherrill, Kamran Haider, J Brown, Jamie Matter, luke spedding, Isayra Campos, Marc-Anthony Guzman, Sudesh Solanki, Fitriadi Adi, mark wilson, Adnan s, Chris Palko, Linda Dee, Abraham Ruby Mendoza, Dustin Patton, salm noor, Stacy Frazer, Mike Carlstrom, Infra Red, and Linka Wheeler

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This is amazing. :)

Hey peeps, post your favourite #Christmasrecipe and share the delicious!
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