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Paris Apostolopoulos
Geek, Java Developer,Addicted to Apple computers, blogger, podcaster and blue belt Judo-ka.
Geek, Java Developer,Addicted to Apple computers, blogger, podcaster and blue belt Judo-ka.

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Voxxed Days - Athens 2017 - short review #vdathens
Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend the very first Voxxed Days Athens . As I have written 6 months ago while attending Voxxed Days Thesalloniki , this was the day I've waiting for too many years, a  proper conference, with top class speakers on the main ...

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Some sort of confusion? Or uncessary noise ...on my Kotlin journey
Lately I try to level up my skills with Kotlin , mostly from the view point of a JVM backend developer.  I really feel very motivated and enthusiastic, I think the language has the right balance to make me feel like home ( a hardcore Java developer afte...

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DevoxxUK 2017 - day2 #devoxxuk #devoxx
With one day delay here is my second day review of Devoxx UK 2017. Front End for Back End developers, Matt Raible  I personally don't fancy front-end development mostly because of my dislike towards JavaScript, but I do like to stay in touch with the techno...

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DevoxxUK 2017 - day1- 10 years of JavaPolis / Devoxx for me #devoxxuk #devoxx
So, Devoxx Uk 2017 . For me its  a 10 year anniversary for one of the best European and now global developer conferences. I still remember my first 2007 Javapolis at Antwrep , its the conference I got to meet and get in touch with the broader Java community...

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New MacBookPro @ work, first impressions
Well Santa came early for me back at Ticketmaster INTL.  When I joined I kind of made a mistake and swapped my original 15 MacBookPro for a smaller one 13inch/iCore5, because I did not want to carry stuff around (even though I don't commute a lot to he hone...

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Setting multiple Java JRE/ JDK on MacOSX using brew, cask and jenv
Yesterday at the Java9, Jigsaw HackTheTower event, I realized that I need to step up my game and improve my existing mechanism on maintaining several different JDK's on my machines. I used to manually download the jdk's, or install them using brew cask, and...

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Java 9 Module System (Jigsaw) @ LJC's HackTheTower
Today we spent half a day, on our first HackTheTower event. Members of London's Java User Group (aka LJC ),  gathered on the 26th floor of  'SalesForceTower'  (aka Heron Tower ) at the City of London, invited by Heather VanCura is the Chair of the Java Comm...

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A small docker image with kubectl,helm, envsubst based on Alpine
I guess lots of people will have something similar, I thought to share my small customized container. So here , you can find a small Alpine Based container, stuffed with bash curl envsubst kubectl helm (client) It is mostly used as a `gitlab` runner, in ord...

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Awesome list of MacOSX utils
At some point, I used to have a similar list. For a couple of years, I used to come back to that post and update it. I think this one, is far better and much more flexible! In my spare time today, I started going through the sections and trying out stuff! I...

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Upgrading my bash on MacOSX and a simple tips found on the internet.
I find my self doing lots of work in the terminal lately, I have to admit I was not that type of guy or an expert, but over the years I needed to step my bash/cmd/termina l game up.  So I just red yesterday this very short and simple article, and I was like...
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