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Natural Inclusion
Space Welcomes, Energy Flows
Space Welcomes, Energy Flows


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The Illusion of Separation, by Giles Hutchins: Chapter 16 introduces Natural Inclusion, the ground-breaking way of perceiving reality.
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Many people over-think Natural Inclusion. Many more under-think its applications.

Many others cannot consider it at all because of their loyalty to other philosophies or religions.

It's very simple to comprehend and it can be endlessly applied, anywhere and in any situation.

Many of us claim that it is the missing ingredient to the lethal cocktail of confusion and conflict that humanity so eagerly consumes.

An ingredient which can transform such a lethal cocktail of strife into a nourishing soup of love and hope.

But it's easy to say such things, right? Yes, it is.

A close friend recently said to me, 'I don't understand what it's all about at all.'

This post is for that friend, whom I believe represents a great number of people who come across references to Natural Inclusion, however so. It's a challenge to that friend and to those people.

If you claim to care - about anything - then take this challenge to test you claim.

Consider the words 'Tangible' and 'Intangible'. Start there. If you don't know how, learn how. If you don't know how to learn, learn how to learn. Help yourself.

Put your philosophies, religions, ideologies and thinking systems to the test. Start living your truths.

So, consider those words. Now look around you and apply those considerations to the place and time your are currently immersed in. Wherever you are, consider your reality in terms of these two kinds of presences. You might prefer to consider the 'tangible' as a presence and the 'intangible' as an absence. Whatever you choose. It's your challenge.

Try it.

I'm not suggesting how you do it or how it might turn out for you. But if you manage to satisfy yourself that you have got it, that you understand tangible and intangible presence/absence in your current place and time of existence, go a little further.

Bring people into the picture. Find a real person, preferably someone you care deeply about. Now consider life after this person's death. Make them vanish in your imagination. Maybe you could consider yourself vanishing?

Let your understandings of tangible and intangible presence/absence in your current place-time contexts extend to that person's existence or your own.

Still have it all in order? Now consider how the tangible and intangible might inter-relate? Can they inter-relate? Maybe they just don't or can't for you. Think of the inter-relation of water and land as the water flows down a stream.

Re-consider the tangible and intangible aspects/dimensions to that which you claimed earlier to care about. Do you still care?

Still don't know what Natural Inclusion is? Why should you? We haven't even begun to explore Natural Inclusion, yet.

Post your experience here if you wish. Try it out. It's not easy. Make a commitment to yourself to do some really important self-development work.

You might just change your own mind. Muhatma Gandhi knew what he meant.

Natural Inclusion comes later, much later. If you cannot comprehend it, you have not glimpsed its profound gifts.

This challenge is to the ordinary and the extra-ordinary.

Take it or leave it.

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'Such is the way of cultures that operate the co-creative relay of a gift economy'

By acknowledging ourselves as distinct but not isolated local inclusions of natural energy flow, it is always possible gracefully to accept what we receive, to nurture and make the best of it, eventually to pass it on. Such is the way of cultures that operate the co-creative relay of a gift economy (Hyde, 2006).

But trouble starts as soon as it seems possible to define and own what's morally or functionally best and remove or exclude what doesn't pass muster. To make such judgements it would be necessary to step completely outside the flow of what we are inescapably immersed in order to take a "God's eye view‟ – or, in Darwinian terms, the view of a "natural selector‟. This isn‟t possible, but when we nonetheless attempt to do it, as observers distanced from what we observe, we risk converting the true empathy and co- creativity that comes from sensing the needfulness that comes with being a receptive centre of energy flow (Rayner 2010b, d), into psychological projections of narcissistic self-reference (selfishness) and dependency (neediness) (cf. Neuman, 2010). What may appear superficially to be good for the persistence of the individual or group from a definitive perspective may not be good for the sustainable flourishing (well- being and well-becoming) of all in natural, co-creative communion (Rayner, 2008).

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A ‘New Physicality’: The Living Self As A Natural Inclusion of Neighbourhood
How might natural inclusional logic contribute to the development of ways of thinking that encourage rather than impede sustainable, co-creative human-ways of life? Primarily it offers scope for a change in mental attitude concerning the true nature of self-identity, life, love, pleasure and suffering, along with a shift in values towards love, respect, care, generosity and honesty and away from avarice and xenophobia (Rayner 2010b).
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"Holding Openness‟ (Oil painting on canvas by Alan Rayner, 2005). Energy as a dynamic inclusion of space (darkness/transparency) continually brings an endless diversity of flow-form to Life.
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Now consider this: that space is always rushing through the vortex induced by its receptivity to energy. This has been observed at the molecular as well as stellar scales. Natural Inclusionality explores this dynamic relationship between space and energy in profoundly novel ways.
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Estrangement and Reconciliation

The liberating and healing influence of natural inclusionality

By Alan Rayner

For the past several thousand years, humanity has been living through a period of profound and paradoxical ESTRANGEMENT of human from non-human nature, male from female, ‘I’ from ‘You’ and ‘Us’ from ‘Them’. With the advent of the philosophy of NATURAL INCLUSIONALITY, now may be the moment for liberation from this estrangement, bringing with it new hope for RECONCILIATION, HEALING AND CO-CREATIVITY.

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Extract from Chapter 7: 'Farewell to Arms' from 'Inclusional Nature' By Alan Rayner.

"Re-Uniting Self With Other – How the Hole in Our Hearts Can Heal

A Hole has appeared in downtown Manhattan. Enormous symbols of economic hubris have been fearfully punctured by sharp transgressions, collapsing in moments. We feel a hole in our hearts, filled with the pain of the crushings and burnings and exuded spirits of those moments. We cast around for explanations, a way forward out of the darkness, in which good can somehow prevail. For many, the way is to fall back on old ways – to cast blame elsewhere and seek to root out the evil. But it may be as well to look in the mirror.

We all, needs must, harbour anger, an inner thorniness that in its place protects and empowers, but out of place abuses and wounds. Tyranny’s anger is roused by terror, a real or imagined thorn in its side that wounds and threatens its freedom to suppress. Terrorism’s anger is roused by tyranny, a real or imagined domination that deprives and denies its freedom of expression. Neither can win, both can lose in a never-ending war of attrition. Both seek to exclude the other, to cast out its evil so God can prevail. But God, they say, moves in mysterious ways, both inside and outside our bodily selves.

So, maybe the way forward is to feel the hole in our hearts for what it is: the empty inner space, the Ground Zero, of a Love that includes Other as Self in common passion, in spite of and because of the hurts it inflicts. We can do so in the spirit of an immersive philosophy that regards all things, our Selves included, as dynamic inclusions of our common living space. We are no more separable from this space and one another than are whirlpools in a water flow. No thing, no being, is isolated or independent from any other, but rather exists in a mutually transforming relationship of one with the other. Any thing we do to Other, we ultimately do to our Selves.

This ‘inclusional’ philosophy is not new, of course. It has always been present in our hearts, and at the heart of those cultures and religions that so sadly, so often, find themselves in conflict. But it is easy to lose sight of, particularly because it requires us to see something invisible that we can only imagine: the implicit space, the material absence, that, far from coming between us, actually unites (‘intra-connects’) our insides through our outsides. We breathe each other’s air. And when we do lose sight of it, choosing to focus only on explicit material things through our rationalistic desire to gain social, political, economic, psychological, scientific or technological control, we separate the inseparable. And then, with all possibility of relationship denied, the scene is set for abuse.

So, when the abuse comes, and we feel the hole in our hearts, perhaps we should not view this as a call to arms for further abuse, but rather as an alarm call telling us to look in the mirror and wake up to the reality of our common existence. Then, maybe, the hole can begin to heal."
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"Explaining NI in intellectual terms puts us into a double bind. We need to speak from from the heart."
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