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Wave Framework
Open Source API-centric PHP Micro-framework
Open Source API-centric PHP Micro-framework

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Two positive reviews for Wave Framework in February from the developer blogging community. "I would strongly recommended this framework. It takes time to get used to but it delivers and it is doing it fast." at and "Much more powerful." (referring to other micro-frameworks) at

All the features for 3.8.0 have been implemented and we are getting ready to push the code live. The only thing remaining is documentation review in order to make sure everything is up to date and about a third of the documentation is still on my desk, waiting to be signed. New version will be released soon!

We are still polishing the 3.8.0 release! There are some big little things and little big things that need work. Thanks for your patience!

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One of the notable features in the upcoming 3.8.0 will be an improvement to dynamic image loading (and the internal WWW_Imager class). Not only is it better protected against possible malicious attacks, but it will also allow you to do fancy things like adding rounded corners to an image on the fly. This allows you to easily create nice avatars for user-uploaded images without ever having to worry about editing the avatar pictures yourself. Take a look at the example at:

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Development continues on 3.8.0 and the release date has been pushed back a few weeks. What was intended to be a small feature release has grown into one of the most important releases of Wave Framework yet. You can follow the progress at our issue tracker below, but in general what is happening is a complete code and feature review as well as documentation update and multiple additional new features that improve framework in many ways.

We would like to thank you for your patience as I know many of you are waiting for a number of these new features that are planned for 3.8.0.

We would like to thank JetBrains for their continuous support for Wave Framework by providing development tools for us. PHPStorm 7 will also be released soon :)  #JetBrains  +JetBrains 

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Wave Framework has used Mantis for tickets and project management so far, but today this will change. All the open tickets and issues have been now lifted over to GitHub. This also helps you get a better understanding about what is being currently worked on.

While you can still submit issues to me through e-mail, it might be more useful to submit directly to in the future.

Hello developers! We have a large number of features coming up in 3.8.0 and while it still takes some time to get it out of the door due to the amount of testing still required, here are some of the features already implemented in the upcoming release:

• It will be possible for MVC classes to extend one another and it will also be possible to overwrite the core Factory, if so required. This gives Wave a lot of flexibility in terms of system design and class architecture - you can make Wave work exactly the way you want.
• We have finally added methods for setting your own translations, static content files, sitemaps and creating API profiles at runtime, rather than editing configuration files. This means that you can either modify the configuration and translation files manually, or create controllers that do the same work for you.
• Code has been reformatted for better readability to follow more universal good practices and standards.

3.8.0 will be released within the next week.

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Version 3.7.0 has gone live! Well, almost, as it seems that GitHub is having trouble with connections. Code will be uploaded to GitHub as soon as possible, but 3.7.0 is available from other repositories as well as the official website until that happens.
Here's the list of changes:
• It is now possible to define a sitemap URL that does not return a View or even HTML. This is useful for API requests that require a specific target URL without GET parameters.
• It is now also possible to synchronize timestamps when creating an API session.
• Factory MVC loading now uses a wrapper method that reduces near-duplicate code.
• Version numbers of API and system version are now consistent with one another.
• Other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

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We have a new minor release with handful of useful changes. And all this thanks to feedback from many of you regarding those features. Here's a brief list:
• Added JSONP support for JavaScript wrapper as well as JSONV support (which is like JSONP, except it defines a variable instead of callback).
• Added a new 'file-extensions' configuration setting that is used when routing a request to File Handler. This allows to use '.' symbol in regular website URL's, since File Handler requests are whitelisted with configuration now. 
• Methods getState(), getCookie() and getSession() now return 'null' values, if they have not been set, instead of false.
•  Removed code that was used for testing purposes and accidentally submitted to live. This code was in the default View Controller header and was used for testing JavaScript API Wrapper.
• Fixed a problem where access-control header settings were not set properly.
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