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David Adams
A Flow Cytometrist, Webcartoonist and an avid cyclist... What more can I tell you?
A Flow Cytometrist, Webcartoonist and an avid cyclist... What more can I tell you?

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This musical interlude will always hold a special place in my heart...

When I left this morning, I walked through a giant spiderweb leaving the patio. My nose just itched, and when I rubbed it, a giant spiderweb came off my face and out my nose... You'd think someone might have mentioned...

Okay. Embroidery attempt 2. After leaving the machine sitting for a month, maybe the 1st stitch out will have a flaw or two. Much Better.

People have been mentioning lately that I am quite accident prone... no need to tell me folks I'm pretty sure I fell out of the womb...

Well, this embroidery is turning out lovely... wait... is that two loose threads?!? GAAAAH! <table flip>

So now that I have been forcibly been placed on an anti-snore device by the missus, and I'm no longer having the oxygen-starved delusion dreams, I find it a bit odd to be having dreams that... make sense... it's weird. Last night was the topper though as I had one continuous dream, and if I woke up (for whatever reason), I would fall right back into it as soon as I fell back to sleep. I'm more of a short vignette sort of guy, so that was odd...

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So I've been telling Laurie for some time that I need a new desk. She finally made me buy one this weekend ( We built it last night, and I started moving things off my old desk when I got home from work. A few points of interest:

First, my old desk quite literally crumbled as we carried it out. It took several trips to manage the pieces.

Second, regardless how much effort you put into housekeeping, do you have any idea how much dust gathers under/behind furniture in the ten or so years we've lived in this townhouse?!?

Third, this desk is actually longer than my old one... bit of an oops, but it's quite nice... much nicer for drawing... lots of Cintiq room.

Fourth, I am now surprisingly tired... cable crawling sucks!

Anyone heading to Hamvention this year at the new digs in Xenia?

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Okay Android experts, my phone is being bad. Anytime I turn in the wifi, it starts livecasting as below. I googled the name to see if I could find any clues as to who or what was needing with my phone and... Well I won't be googling that name again. In any case, any hints on how to decrapify the phone (Nexus 6p 7.1.2) appreciated.

My Flow foo is failing me this morning...
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