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Helping Outstanding Businesses Stand Out Online!
Helping Outstanding Businesses Stand Out Online!

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Checklist of Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Website Designer -

Looking to hire a website designer? Make sure you ask these questions first!
As a “seasoned” (not old, lol) website designer that specializes in SEO, I have a lot of clients who hired designers based solely on price and end up hiring me to fix their site or optimize it so they can rank. Don’t get me wrong, I make a good income optimizing sites, but I remember when I was first starting out, every penny mattered and knowing what to look for will save you a boatload of pennies. So here you go.

#1. SEO really does matter. A beautiful site is just a beautiful site if no one can find you. A good web developer will build with SEO in mind from the beginning. If your site isn’t built well, you will pay more money, in the long run, to rank for your keywords. How do you know if the developer knows their SEO? Test their website. GTMetrix is free and fast and gives the best picture of whether or not a developer knows their stuff. If their site isn’t optimized, chances are yours won’t be either. Site speed is a ranking factor.

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WordPress versus all-inclusive website builders -

Launching your business is an exciting time with lots of decision to be made. What is your name going to be? What will your brand look like? And ultimately, how will you build your website?

Each decision is important because poor decisions can be costly down the road. Due to their short learning curve, and minimal upfront costs, all-inclusive website builders such as Squarespace and Wix are increasing in popularity. While WordPress is a fairly easy platform to build on, it can be intimidating in the beginning because there are more choices and flexibility. In addition to building a website, or having one built, you'll have to choose a hosting company and integrate outside plugins and themes. But, as with most things in life though, you really do get what you pay for and a bit more effort can result in significantly increased results.

It’s no secret that I love WordPress. All the websites I build and design are in WordPress. I’m not a WordPress groupie, I swear. In fact, I’ve seen some wonderful websites that were built in Squarespace and Wix. If you’re not planning on growing your business and want a simple, temporary landing page, then an all-inclusive builder is a great choice. For business branding, growth, and scaling, here are the reasons I recommend WordPress:

#1 Design Flexibility
Squarespace and Wix have a limited number of templates to choose from. Same thing for plugins. This makes your design choices limited. WordPress is a crowdsourced platform that has over 27,000 free templates and 33,000 free plugins. In addition, you can find online tutorials for any feature or function you desire making your design choices limited only by your imagination.

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How to Find a Quality SEO Specialist

How to find a Quality SEO Specialist (and not waste thousands of dollars on amateurs or scammers.

You’re ready to increase your online visibility and decide to hire an SEO specialist but you’ve heard all the horror stories of people wasting thousands of dollars on SEO amateurs or worse, SEO scammers. How do you find a quality SEO Specialist? Someone who knows what they’re doing and will actually produce results? Most people I know will:

Get recommendations from other professionals
Find the SEO companies that show up on the first page of Google (they must be doing something right)
Ask in networking groups for people who specialize in SEO
You narrow it down to 2 or 3, but how do you really know if they will produce the results you'll be paying for?

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I feel your frustration (especially after today's research)!
As an entrepreneur I’ve wasted a lot of time and money trusting the wrong people and so have my clients. Nothing frustrates me more than the “those that can, do, and those who can't, teach” mentality. If you can’t do, then you shouldn’t be charging people money!
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