I want to learn how to use eportfolios more effectively with my classes.

I'm experimenting with some different approaches that cost nothing.  There are three that I'm looking at:
http://www.ipadio.com/channels/ChrisFry  ipadio
http://portfolio-simulation.posterous.com/ posterous
http://chris-fry-barcelona.tumblr.com/ tumblr

iPadio is great for students with basic phones as it involves phoning a free number

posterous is great for students phones using any operating system preferably with email and wifi in class. Just email recordings to post@posterous.com

tumblr is a possible substitute for posterous, but it works best if students record in mp3 format and it has a great way to re-blog posts from a 'repository' to a 'display' eportfolio (page)

I've just ordered a new mobile phone where I should be able to install Android apps for ipadio, posterous and tumblr and look forward to checking out how these apps might make eportfolios easier and more sophisticated and more effective.

I provide some feedback to my students privately by embedding selected recordings in Edmodo.
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