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Volker Wegener

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The President of the United States (POTUS) is desperate. Exhibit A: His Op-Ed defending the Asian face - the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - of a wide-ranging, twin-headed NATO-on-trade “pivoting”.

Volker Wegener

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Wer ist Krake auf diesem Globus?!
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Volker Wegener

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Die Welt ist eine Illusion die uns vorgegaukelt wird um uns zu manipulieren und wie Schafe zu treiben. Schall und Rauch eben. Die Aufgabe dieses Blog ist es, was wirklich passiert zu beschreiben und im Zusammenhang zu erklären.
Psychologist, Sociologist, Germany, English Language, Learning Chinese.
  • I am a psychologist and a sociologist, born in 1942, now retired. I am looking for friends from all over the world, especially women, especially from China. 
  • I am living in Leverkusen, Germany, near Cologne, Koeln, Köln.
  •  My extensive website about the words on this Google+ page is at:
  • I am looking for NEW friends, i.e. people I have not know before.
  • My main languages:, English, German, my other languages:, Russian, French, Chinese, still some further languages I do understand partly,  I am learning Chinese,
  •  我期待的互联网朋友在世界各地,特别是妇女,特别是来自中国。
  •  学习中国
  •  Videochat, Audiochat,
  • T&P books, tpbooks, , vocabulary, I only do buy paper books, not Kindle books.
  • In German about the Euro currency: Alternative für Deutschland, AfD  ,  ,  , , Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.
  • Interests :China, Chinese, China Daily, audio books, imperialism, color revolution, health, longevity, positive thinking, positive affirmations, affirmations, creativity, learning, social power, junge Welt, isw-muenchen, Attac, Montagsdemo, nocheinparteibuch, Mein Parteibuch,  Jürgen Elsässer , Finian Cunningham, Nigel Farage, Mike Stathis, Danny Schechter, Yusuf Fernandez,
  • all of, social science, psychology, economics, political science, medicine, health, progressive politics, (eg,,,, ), capitalism, socialism, imperialism, colonialism,  I am open to, new ideas, brainstorming, inventing, researching, lifelong learning, Wikipedia, plutocracy, U.S. empire, U.S. imperialism,
  • Favorite books: collecting books, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Arundhati Roy, Eva Golinger, James Petras, John Pilger, Michael Parenti, Ralph Nader, Sheldon Rampton, John Stauber, William Blum, Charles Lewis, John Perkins, Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research in ca , Paul Craig Roberts, William Engdahl, Project Censored,  
  • Favorite websites: Gerald Celente , Alex Jones ,  iacenter, answercoalition, mathaba, presscore in ca, Global Media Monitor, Common Dreams, Third World Traveler, Alternative Radio, Michael Hudson (author of 'Super Imperialism'), Mike Elk, Max Keiser, AmpedStatus, in org and com, Brian Becker, of, Answer Coalition, Stephen Lendman, Michael Rivero (whatreallyhappened), Webster Griffin Tarpley, Voltaire Network, Eric Draitser, Ismail Salami, landdestroyer.blogspot, M. I. Bhat in Kashmir, Michel Collon, nsnbc, 4thmedia: ,
  • Favorite media: Beijing Review, Asia Times, English Pravda,
  • Favorite music: Baroque music, Johann Sebastian Bach, Giovanni Battista Bononcini, Dieterich Buxtehude, Marc Antoine Charpentier, Arcangelo Corelli, Michelangelo Falvetti, Johann Joseph Fux, Evaristo Felice Dall’Abaco, George Frideric Handel, Georg Friedrich Händel, Johann Pachelbel, Henry Purcell, Domenico Scarlatti, Alessandro Scarlatti, Antonio Vivaldi, 
  • Favorite TV programs: CCTV 13 新 闻, CCTV 4, CNTV English, CCTV NEWS, RT, RT America, Russia Today, PressTV, BBC, CCTV, CNTV, CCTV America, 
  • RT America news, Keiser Report, On the Edge, Capital Account, George Galloway(PressTV), Christoph Hörstel, Chandra Muzaffar,
  •  , RT America is one of the few progressive mass media. The RT America programs are all produced at studios in the U.S.A., from Mondays to Fridays, eg in Europe can be listened to from eg 22 to 6 Central European Time. The same programs are also available on eg the following videos:
  • ,  , , ___________ ,          ,     
    International videos:  , How to find programs:  ,
  • Russia:  , ,  ,  ,

  • Iran:  , these same English language programs are also available on eg the following videos:     , ; in the UK:  ;  also in English from Iran are: , , , , EU-Censorship:

  • China:  ,  ,
  • ,
  •   ;
    Mostly I do use Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey. For translations Google Chrome is very good.

    Very many Chinese TV stations in China in Chinese  are on:  , also inside of this is my favorite station in the CHINESE language CCTV 13 新闻 = CCTVxīnwén = CCTV news  in Chinese. As Live or of the last days as videos. 
    For watching TV in the Chinese language, I most like the news channel CCTV 13 and the news channels in Chinese of the Chinese provinces and regions. 

    Mostly I do watch on  . They since December 2013 do have a new version of their website. There I also do watch TV from the Chinese provinces and regions in the Chinese language, e.g.:  (Sichuan News).

    Other Chinese media in English:
    ;Asia Times( registered in Hong Kong, > 80 correspondents worldwide): ; many more Chinese media on my website;

    Latin America: Telesur, in Spanish and translated into English:  ,

    On the above countries also on the website: The BRICSPOST:   ,

    To receive many of the above TV programs, you also may use YouTube:

  • Favorite movies: Brigitte Bardot, Cindy Crawford, Grace Kelly, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, Kirsten Dunst, Liv Tyler, Meg Ryan, Petra Schürmann, Salma Hayek, Sam Fox, Sandra Bullock, Teri Hatcher, Toni Braxton, Tyra Banks, Zuzana Light at BodyRock in tv,
  • The more you know about something, the more intelligently you can decide. Get to know opposing viewpoints. For success using curiosity and goals. Creativity and initiative in science, Research, organization, management, Sun Tzu, neoliberalism, privatization, cuts in social services, free trade, big profits, and increasing, poverty, hunger, increasing, inequality, between, rich and poor, power elite, exploitation, repression, end of oil, financial speculation, resources wars, and, geostrategic wars, climate change, media manipulation, censorhip, public relations, taking at face value, parroting, promises, double standards, hypocrisy,  demonize victims, deceive the public, outwit, fraud; corruption, lobbyists, campaign money donations, financial contributions, political careers; social protest, demonstrations, strikes, hunger revolts, class struggle, always from above, and, class struggle, sometimes from below, power, justice, international solidarity; life, human needs, and, nature, instead of the, quickest highest profits, people before profits, What will, the future, be like? Social and political, human rights. Another world is necessary, and possible. There is enough for everyone. Global financial crisis since year 2008,   private and public sector giant Ponzi schemes, global debt crisis, world economic crisis, BRICS, SCO, Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Movement, the 99%,  Occupy Frankfurt, Occupy Cologne,
  • Self-evidence and the self-image are produced by repetition. What is the real word? How can you change the world? Against wars and for the protection of born life. History is the untruth on which people agree. Trees do not grow into the sky. Follow the money! Paying is deciding. Money talks. Make the best out of it.
  • Special interest: social power,  Femdom, BDSM, spanking, discipline, female domination, Mistress, domestic discipline, punishment spanking, D/s, dominant female, submissive male, 24/7, FLR, female led relationship, female supremacy, see my website on dominant disciplinary wives; I like, flirting, deep eye contact, naked news; mixed wrestling, women winning, scissors hold, scissor hold, Beinschere, headscissors, belly punching, gut punching, Bauchboxen, see my website on mixed wrestling,  Ideal match: healthy, charismatic, dominant, disciplinary, athletic, educated. 
  • I am a books-person and not a social party-person. Often I like to be alone. I like to be at home. I am creative in many things in life. Women (and partly men) whom I adore, often describe themselves as goal-directed, purposeful, determined, resolute, strong willed, active, athletic, fitness, cheerful, optimistic, and are having a cold voice. I like very much photo-wall posters showing nude women who are charismatic, athletic, muscular, dominant, with superior look, emotional, and who are staring the viewer of the photo deep in the eyes without smiling and without laughing. You can learn, charisma, by often saying sentences to yourself as: "I like myself. I like myself as I am. I am a wonderful person. I am glad to experience this day. I am unique."which are called positive affirmations or affirmations. I like women and partly men who discipline men. I like very self-confident charismatic women and men.
  • What is

    Google+ ID  and Google+ profile ID   ?

    My  Google+ ID  and Google+ profile ID is:


    This is the long row of numbers in this my web page address

    Why do I know this now?

    For a long time, I had looked up in  Google Search Engine.

    Finally, I had found the right question for the search engine:

    “What is Google+ ID and what is Google+ profile ID”

    There, on several websites, it is explained very clearly what Google+ ID does mean.

    Why I had this problem?

    On   Find People on Plus  there is a bug. In  + Add Me to Directory, they  ask for a Google+ ID, but they in no way do explain, what they do mean by Google+ ID. 


    ___ 1 With interest groups, people would spend more time on an Internet social network.  It is very good that Google+ now does have communities. It is like emotion or feeling has come into Google+. Before it seemed to be only rational. Within a community in Google+, there are people with one common interest. Generally, each person does have a unique combination of interests. Therefore in psychology, there are tests of interests. When I talk to other people, I choose what I say according to the audience. What does interest people whom I talk to? It is interesting to them? How not to be boring? To specialists of one subject, I do talk on different things than to a general audience or to a specialist on another subject. With what can I be interesting to most people? Jokes are not enough for most people. I think you should have goals in life, and not just jump from distraction to distraction. 

    2 Google wants to know the mobile phone number of its users for its security. However, a mobile phone number may go to an Internet call center. That Internet call center may misuse a mobile phone number by calling for more than a  year very often and by trying to outwit people to order something they do not want at all. But this practice of knowing the mobile phone number may also deter people: among them 1 juveniles in Germany threatening other people for fun, 2 organized crime (very often for about 10 years: fake stories and fake pics, they often say  that from West Africa sometimes also from other continents , fake pics, want to change pics on Yahoo also for hacker access, marry strangers immediately, people from different African countries all have inherited very much money, selling gold).

    I like it especially, when I can find people from one chosen country, in my case from China. Zorpia: On another Internet social network 'Zorpia', I do have more than 300 Chinese women friends with whom I had sent very many messages during the year 2010, but during the year 2011, there are only very few people online, I think this is because of the worldwide economic recession. On the Internet social network 'Zorpia', I can select (search) so that I do find only people who do live in CHINA and who are FEMALE. I would like it very much, if Google+ would also introduce such a possibility.

    I personally do not make photos and do not make videos. I also do not use those of others because I do not know enough about copyrights. I do not play computer games. During about the last 20 years on the Internet, I had only about 45 Internet chats. I do remember almost each of the chats during the last 20 years. I do prefer very much browsing Internet web sites. Also I do write E-mails on other Internet social networks, but here on Google+ until now, I have not written mails for the first half year, because I had not known how to do this on Google+ circles.

    I do find Google HELP explanations difficult to understand. Therefore I have written the following explanation, which I do think, is easier to understand, on how to send texts on Google+:


    On your Google+ page:   Near the upper right corner of the Google+ page, you find your name,  then a box with mostly a '0', and then a box with  '+  Share' , than your Google+ photo.

    Klick on the box with the + Share. Whithin  the + Share box ,  you find an upper and a lower box. Into the upper box enter the text you want to send. In the lower box enter the name of the person or persons you want to send the text to. Sometimes more names are given. Of those names, delete the ones you do not want to send your text to. You do this by clicking on the x, which means delete them for your  text, because you do not want to send your text to them. Clicking on the x, does not delete the persons from you circles, it it only for your present text. To find more people for sending your  text to, click on the + in the lower of the two boxes at the beginning of the line. To send your text, click on the word Share below. The word 'Limited' on the resulting Post does mean, that only a limited number of people have received your text. By clicking on 'Limited', you know to whom the text has been sent. When you are on Google+ for some hours, the browser gets much more slow (called freezes) and you also cannot send a text. Then I exit my browser and start my browser again. Now, I have learned from Internet forums outside of Google+, how Google+ does function.

    For intuitive understanding immediately, I would call the box '+ Share'  instead: 'Send message'. After you have clicked on '+ Share', I would call the upper box 'message' and the lower box 'address'. The word below: 'Share', I would call 'Send". I try to use language for the purpose that other people do understand, even when the language is not completely correct. For learning, people have to associate with something, they already do know.

    What does +1 mean? I have researched and think +1 means that something is interesting.

    Now there are several well explaining  books on Google+ e.g. on Amazon.

  • "MORE" AND "LOADING": I hate "More"and "Loading". I think it is a very bad invention (for unlimited user numbers?). How can someone invent such a completely dysfunctional thing?! After I have found several results after searching and comparing carefully and move to another webpage and come back, all the other search results are lost each time and I have to spend very much unnecessary time to repeat exactly the same work. I think "More" and "Loading" should be abolished very soon. For business and commercial purposes, it is unsuitable anyhow. You were on vacation and want to see what was 10 days ago: not possible! With interest groups the same would be no problem.

    How to translate E-mails on Google+. 1 Google Mail, 2 Top right corner toothed wheel, 3 Settings 4 Language.
    Sometimes on page 'Home' Google+ translates everything, but when I do want a translation, it often does not do it. Then I have to copy the text into the GoogleSearch - More - Translator. It looks that there is a translation only, when mostly there is not more than one language on a page and when the text is not too long. To translate on the 'Home' page, in a two step approach, as a first step, one first has to click on the right top of the page to translate into English, and then as a second step, one has to click on Translate below a message.

    The limit of the total number of profiles (persons) on one Google+ account is  5000. I think every person should only have one profile, else there would be abuse. On the German wkw – Internet Social Network, officially it is possible to have several accounts by one person, which do have the names: profile 1, profile 2, profile 3 , etc.. The profiles are exactly the same except the profile numbers 1 or 2 or 3. Some politicians in the German Parliaments on wkw do have e.g. 6 profiles, i.e. they can have 24000 profiles for one person.  The wkw-Internet Social Network officially allows this when one person does want more than the 4000 person limit or the 1000 communities limit. On Google+, I have found that many people do say “I can take only a few of you guys because I am near my 5000 limit of persons on my account.” Since 16 May 2013, people even cannot see how near they are near the 5000 limit.

    In itself, I do prefer the one column, because I can see more quickly (more order), similar to driving a car in a rural area versus driving in a big city.
    But there is the other problem of the " Loading" and "More" at the bottom of the page. It is not so good when you click on a link and return but not to the place where you came from but to the top of the first page. Then you have to find the way to the original page from where you came which takes much unnecessary time. Perhaps the two columns way does solve this problem, I do not know.

    After 16 May, longer community pages are cut off in the middle in the middle of a sentence, e.g. 'About this community' in my community on the Methods for learning Chinese.

    Bragging rights
    For 29 years, I had gone to the biggest book fair of the world in Frankfurt, Main, Germany, each day. There are about ten thousand non-fiction books in my personal book library( a large part in English). Before my start of the Internet in about the year 1993, I also had done the following: I often used worldwide amateur radio ( also in morse code, on shortwave, and via earth satellite), computer programming ( C and C++ ), hobby astronomy, playing the piano, DXing ie shortwave broadcast listening.
    • Universität zu Köln
      Economics, 1964 - 1966
    • Universität Mannheim
      Sociologist, Dipl.-Soziologe, 1966 - 1970
    • Technische Universität Berlin
      Psychologist, Dipl.-Psychologe, 1970 - 1974
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