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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday for my little metalhead. Maybe one of these days he'll actually post something that makes sense.

Geez. Thanksgiving may be the only holiday where there seem to be more leftovers than the original meal.

Had a dream Gorgol and I rode through a field of fire on three-headed stallions burning down a village of dragon warriors. It was beautiful.

Let's get real people. Superman's the weakest super hero. Serve him a bowl of macaroni and Kryptonite and he's gone by dinner time.

You know she's your soulmate when your wife packs you lunch consisting of an 8 oz steak, a water bottle full of OJ, and forgets the veggies.

The only things that are holding back football from greatness are spiked helmets, explosive footballs, and one-on-one axe duels.

All that I ask for my birthday is a pinata filled with t-bone steaks, a gallon of apple juice, and the head of a wildebeest.

Coming back to the office and this equipment closet has more cobwebs than a Metallica concert. Am I right?! Heh...because they suck now.

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Watch the director of MyMusic live, right now talking MyMusic!

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Attention knuckleheads!! Looks like our doc is up for the Audience Choice Award at this year's Streamys! No need to thank me (even though we know it's all me). Vote everyday from now 'til September 7th, and hit me with a SAY WHAAAAT to tell me you've voted!
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