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Apologies for the stain down the middle of the bottle. Louis Martini Sonoma county Cabernet Sauvignon. Usually found between 13 and 18 dollars. Can't recommend this red enough!

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+Scott Ramsey  got my first MBV order in ages

+NIA Ops  What's going on with portal submissions?  I have been submitting consistently over the past few months but I have NOT heard anything from you guys in almost 2 months  now.  Are my submissions getting lost in the fray? 

+NIA Ops I've had scan failed for the past 24 hours. What gives? Halp!

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Who plays league of legends? Someone carrry me please!!!

Does anyone have any recommendations on a Thai iced tea flavored vape?

Hey everyone I'm looking for opinions for a decent mech mod to start with. In buying a kayfun and want something decent to use it with. Any suggestions? Thanks

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This is why we can't have nice things
Worst development in ingress history.
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