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We organize Coding Contests around the globe! Visit to participate or bring the contest to your town.
We organize Coding Contests around the globe! Visit to participate or bring the contest to your town.


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We proudly introduce the Mobile Contest!

+Catalysts and +Runtastic partnered up to bring Coding Contests to a completely new level. For the first time, there will be 2 tracks on Oct 20. Mobile developers, get ready to show your coding skills on Android and iOS.

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Choose your preferred track and register now!

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How would you solve this programmatically?

Coders had to solve this task 10 years ago for our first coding challenge. Try the full challenge here:

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Dear Coders!

For our next #CodingContest we will be trying out something new. For the first time, we will offer a system to compile and execute your code on our servers, in order to get more insight into your performance. However, that change comes at a price. Our servers will only run a restricted set of programming languages and environments. These are specifically:

- C and C++ (GCC 5.3.1)
- C# (Mono 4.x)
- Go (1.6.x)
- Groovy (2.4)
- Haskell (GHC 7.8.4)
- Java (Oracle 8)
- JavaScript (Node.js 4.4.0 LTS)
- PHP (7.x)
- Python (3.x)
- Scala (2.11.8)
- Ruby (2.3.x).

All of those will be executed on Ubuntu 15.10. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that your favourite libraries (even less your own libraries) will be available and ready to use. If you are open to try our new setup, but want to use a different language/runtime or framework, please don't hesitate to contact us!

And don't forget to tell your friends about the contest: 08 Apr 2016, register at

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Preperations for the upcoming CCC on April 8th are in full swing! Sign up on

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Attention: Since many of you wanted to proceed solving the challenge after the contest, we have published the game “Jam City” of last Friday's contest. Enjoy your training!

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Another great coding contest is over! We managed to take the CCC to the next level. To confirm this statement, we want to share the contest in numbers with you. Take a look!

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Christoph Steindl ("inventor of the CCC") has been interviewed about the coding contest recently. Check out the article (also published in an addendum to the print copy of

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Have you ever wondered how the winners of the Autonomous Car Challenge were doing in their last levels? We have recorded videos from their submissions.

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“Make Things” is a free workshop to dive into the world of hardware, learn about programming and DIY. Join the event this Saturday in Vienna!
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