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Andrei Cocari

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It seems too good to be true.
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When it's too good to be true, it is to
good to be true. 
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Andrei Cocari

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Hey, Google+, we have to talk.

I don't mind the new layout so much, especially since it at least partially fixes the whole #whitespace  issue you had.

But I really really mind bad font rendering. And you've done something absolutely horrible to the font you use. And I can't seem to find the setting to fix it.

It looks like you are using a WOFF Roboto font. Which isn't horrible in theory, because the Roboto font isn't necessarily ugly. But whatever you are doing to render it should be illegal and counted as a crime against humanity.

Seriously, that's some nasty sh*t. This is the fuzziest font I have ever seen.

Maybe it's the WOFF rasterizer in Chrome that could suck dead baby donkeys through a straw?

Maybe it's that you scale the font size to be "resolution independent". Maybe you tested it on your 1366x768 laptops, and your 1920x1080 desktops, and then said "Screw it, that's good enough".

In fact, maybe you said "Hey, we want to make it equally blurry for everybody, and if you have the extra pixels, we'll make sure to align things on a half-pixel boundary just so that you won't get a better-looking font".

I don't know what it is. But it's bad.

Your WOFF fonts render pretty much sub-optimally, with the stems of the letters aligned at half-pixels to absolutely maximize the fuzziness from anti-aliasing. There's a black pixel core stem, and there are basically 50% gray pixels on both sides of it.

Have you ever heard of font hinting? 

Please give me my good fonts back. Don't scale things until they are a fuzzy mess. Ok? Give me a font with proper hinting, or give me the option to at least change the font and font size.

It's not me. It's you. 
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Andrei Cocari

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Andrei Cocari

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"I know a good dad when I see one."

Photo by Resgestae/Reddit.
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Andrei Cocari

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Here is the speech I just gave on our earnings call:

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to our earnings call.  Thank you for joining us this afternoon.

We ended 2012 with a strong quarter.  Revenue was up 36% year-on-year, and 8% quarter-on-quarter.  And we hit $50 billion in revenue for the first time last year – not a bad achievement in just a decade and a half.

We’ve talked a lot about excellence and velocity over the last year.  While many claim it’s my nature never to be satisfied, we’ve actually made real progress creating more beautiful and more intuitive products.

Take Search.  The perfect search engine would understand exactly what you mean, and give you exactly what you want.  Our Knowledge Graph brings that much closer.

Search for Nikola Tesla and you’ll get information about this great inventor that is beautifully displayed right from the results page … his basic bio, books he wrote, his photo - no extra work needed.  We’ll even recommend information about other inventors such as Edison and Marconi that you can easily browse through … again right from the results page.

And last quarter we launched the Knowledge Graph in seven new languages – including Spanish, Japanese and Russian.  This is hard work.  It’s about way more than translating the words on the page.  Google has to understand millions of different entities, as well as their meaning and context.

I’m also excited about the progress we’ve made with Voice Search.  You’re in your car – sadly it’s still a car you have to drive and it’s not electric – and you’re running out of gas.  Just pick-up your phone and ask Google for “directions to the nearest gas station” – and you’ll be on your way immediately.  It’s a great example of how we can take the hassle right out of your life.

Our long-term investments in Google Maps have really paid off.  The team has worked tremendously hard to create the most accurate and comprehensive maps in the world.  Driving country-by-country may have seemed crazy a few years back. Today, it’s totally obvious because location is core to your search experience.

And with Google Maps for iOS, we’ve reinvigorated our product.  It’s more intuitive and beautiful, and users love it.  Google Maps for iOS was downloaded over 10 million times in the first 48 hours!

In fact, six Google apps were included in Apple’s App Store Best Free Apps of 2012:  including YouTube, Chrome, Google Search and Gmail.

I’ve always believed that computers should do the hard work – so you can get on with the things that matter in life … living, learning and loving.

So it’s exciting to see our progress with Google Now.  Launched earlier in the year, it gives you information before you even have to ask.  We’ll now proactively provide your flight times, OR your boarding pass, OR directions to your next appointment.  We will even suggest interesting places to visit nearby.

As we discussed on the last earnings call, we now live in a multi-screen world.

People carry a supercomputer in their pocket all the time.  In fact we feel naked without our smartphone!  And many users have more than one device … a laptop, a phone, and a tablet.

We’re living in uncharted territory.  It’s a new kind of computing environment.  Everyone is really excited about our technology and spending a lot of money on devices, driving faster adoption than we have ever seen before.

It’s been a long time in computing since we have had this rate of change -- it probably hasn’t happened since the birth of personal computing.

It’s why we’ve put so much focus on devices.  They’ve been one of our biggest bets in the last few years – along with the software to go with the devices, Chrome and Android.

Our goal here is to push the user experience forward – so you get the best of Google in one, easy-to-use package.

The Samsung Chromebook, which we launched in October for the amazing price of $249, was a holiday highlight.  I love mine.  It’s super easy to use, and it almost maintains itself.  Open a Chrome tab on your phone, and everything syncs on your laptop with no extra effort required.  

We also launched two new Nexus devices to rave reviews - Nexus 4 and Nexus 10.  And, six months after we first unveiled it, Nexus 7 continues to define the 7 inch tablet category, making many “best of 2012” and holiday gift lists.

Clearly, there’s work to be done managing our supply better, as well as building a great customer experience.  And that is a priority for the teams.

But considering all the excitement over the holidays for our devices, it is clear there is a tremendous opportunity delivering great value with an amazing and simple user experience.

Google Play – another big bet – is on fire.  The growth is tremendous. This quarter we signed deals with Time as well as Warner Music Group.  So we now provide content from all the top Hollywood film studios, music labels and magazine publishers.  We have not even reached Google Play’s first anniversary!

Many of you have questions about Motorola, and Patrick will go into details about how we’re accounting for the business so you can get your models right.

I am excited about the business. In today’s multi screen world, the opportunities are endless.  Think about your device.  Battery life is a huge issue.  You shouldn't have to worry about constantly recharging your phone.  When you drop your phone, it shouldn't go splat.  Everything should be a ton faster and easier.  There’s real potential to invent new and better experiences.

Our CEO at Motorola, Dennis, has built a world-class team, and they’re working on these opportunities.  It’s still early days, but I am excited about the innovative way they’re approaching product development and the speed of their execution.  And they recently signed an agreement to sell Motorola’s Home division for $2.35 billion.
2012 was an amazing year for Google.  And we are all set for a great 2013!

I am incredibly optimistic about the opportunities we have as a technology company focused on user benefit.  Every day I come to work excited about more and bigger opportunities.  And every day we work to have more and better organized Googlers, those are our employees, improving their execution and overall capability to build world changing products.  I know it sounds funny, but with the ambitious plans we have, we are only just getting started!

Our biggest challenge in this area is focus.  We face so many opportunities it’s always important to thoughtfully invest in the right areas where we can have the greatest impact.  We don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.  But I’m quite optimistic that as we get better and better at managing our product areas we will be able to continue to grow our ambitions.  That’s why I’m here.  And that’s one reason why Googlers love working at Google.
Googlers remain our greatest asset, and we’re working hard to recruit and retain the best employees.  We had a great start to the year by being named FORTUNE Magazine’s the Best Company to Work For in the US for the fourth time.

We’ve worked hard to create a company where everyone is part of the family – and where the work is challenging and rewarding.  So we’re really happy to get that recognition.

I want to finish by thanking all the Googlers who’ve made all this possible.  And now I’ll turn it over to Patrick.  Thank you.
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Andrei Cocari

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Easy privacy, coming soon.

I'm working on a new feature that will hopefully make it's way into CM. It's called "Run in Incognito Mode". It's a simple privacy feature designed to help you keep your personal data under control.

I've added a per-application flag which is exposed via a simple API. This flag can be used by content providers to decide if they should return a full or limited dataset. In the implementation I'm working on, I am using the flag to provide these privacy features in the base system:

 * Return empty lists for contacts, calendar, browser history,and messages.
 * GPS will appear to always be disabled to the running application.
 * When an app is running incognito, a quick panel item is displayed in order to turn it off easily.
 * No fine-grained permissions controls as you saw in CM7. It's a single option available under application details.

The API provides a simple isIncognito() call which will tell you if incognito is enabled for the process (or the calling process). Third party applications can honor the feature using this API, or they can choose to display pictures of cats instead of running normally.

We aren't providing ad-blocking or device info (IMEI) spoofing. This feature is designed explictly to help protect your personal data, and it will remain as such.
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Andrei Cocari

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Half a year later...
Starting today, the official Nexus 7 Dock is available for purchase on Google Play in AU, CA, DE, JP, US and UK.

The Nexus 7 Dock features a 3.5mm audio jack that's ideal for powered speaker systems and pogo pins for easy grab-and-go charging. Learn more:
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Nuj, numi place.. :)
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Andrei Cocari

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My Nexus 7 died on me today. I think it ran out of battery as I haven't used it in a few days. My GF plugged it in and little white dots appeared on a black screen, as if it was an old TV. Barely visible.
After a while the Google & Nexus logo appeared. Few moments later it shut itself off.
Been charging for the last couple of hours. Still dead.
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I finally got a chance to call Google today.

They're sending in a replacement. When I receive the new unit, I'll have to send my old one.

Apparently the estimated shipping time is less than a week :)
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