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World without Java...a funny video

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It seems too good to be true.

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Easy privacy, coming soon.

I'm working on a new feature that will hopefully make it's way into CM. It's called "Run in Incognito Mode". It's a simple privacy feature designed to help you keep your personal data under control.

I've added a per-application flag which is exposed via a simple API. This flag can be used by content providers to decide if they should return a full or limited dataset. In the implementation I'm working on, I am using the flag to provide these privacy features in the base system:

 * Return empty lists for contacts, calendar, browser history,and messages.
 * GPS will appear to always be disabled to the running application.
 * When an app is running incognito, a quick panel item is displayed in order to turn it off easily.
 * No fine-grained permissions controls as you saw in CM7. It's a single option available under application details.

The API provides a simple isIncognito() call which will tell you if incognito is enabled for the process (or the calling process). Third party applications can honor the feature using this API, or they can choose to display pictures of cats instead of running normally.

We aren't providing ad-blocking or device info (IMEI) spoofing. This feature is designed explictly to help protect your personal data, and it will remain as such.

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Hey, Google+, we have to talk.

I don't mind the new layout so much, especially since it at least partially fixes the whole #whitespace  issue you had.

But I really really mind bad font rendering. And you've done something absolutely horrible to the font you use. And I can't seem to find the setting to fix it.

It looks like you are using a WOFF Roboto font. Which isn't horrible in theory, because the Roboto font isn't necessarily ugly. But whatever you are doing to render it should be illegal and counted as a crime against humanity.

Seriously, that's some nasty sh*t. This is the fuzziest font I have ever seen.

Maybe it's the WOFF rasterizer in Chrome that could suck dead baby donkeys through a straw?

Maybe it's that you scale the font size to be "resolution independent". Maybe you tested it on your 1366x768 laptops, and your 1920x1080 desktops, and then said "Screw it, that's good enough".

In fact, maybe you said "Hey, we want to make it equally blurry for everybody, and if you have the extra pixels, we'll make sure to align things on a half-pixel boundary just so that you won't get a better-looking font".

I don't know what it is. But it's bad.

Your WOFF fonts render pretty much sub-optimally, with the stems of the letters aligned at half-pixels to absolutely maximize the fuzziness from anti-aliasing. There's a black pixel core stem, and there are basically 50% gray pixels on both sides of it.

Have you ever heard of font hinting? 

Please give me my good fonts back. Don't scale things until they are a fuzzy mess. Ok? Give me a font with proper hinting, or give me the option to at least change the font and font size.

It's not me. It's you. 

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Half a year later...
Starting today, the official Nexus 7 Dock is available for purchase on Google Play in AU, CA, DE, JP, US and UK.

The Nexus 7 Dock features a 3.5mm audio jack that's ideal for powered speaker systems and pogo pins for easy grab-and-go charging. Learn more:

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"I know a good dad when I see one."

Photo by Resgestae/Reddit.
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