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Justin Griffith
Foxhole Atheist | Spiritual Misfit | Project Lead: Rock Beyond Belief - Atheist Festival @ Fort Bragg
Foxhole Atheist | Spiritual Misfit | Project Lead: Rock Beyond Belief - Atheist Festival @ Fort Bragg

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FAIL. And this one is not photoshopped.

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Hate to admit it, but I wonder just how they’ll shelve this magazine...Will it be ‘mistakenly’ hidden behind other magazines? What types of magazines will it get lumped with? Very top and/or bottom shelf?

Is your city on the list? Keep an eye out wherever you are, and send Blair Scott a picture.

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This is round two of insane ranting from a (very recently) retired chaplain who hates me a LOT! Sample:

Retired Chaplain David Druckenmiller:
"In reference to my name, you can call me Sir. As a Sergeant, you should know how to respect a Commissioned Officer. I think you believe you wear the uniform proudly, I hope you do, but your blatant disrespect you show to leadership openly on the internet is offensive to me. I hope Senior Leaders deal with this!"

Justin Griffith's reply:
Listen here, Dave… You are not a commissioned officer. You are a concerned citizen. I can call you whatever I want. FYI, ‘senior leaders’ marched me into their office to laugh at your rant.

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I’ve been the victim of unethical editing before, and I’m glad to say this is not one of those times. My favorite part of the report comes from Richard Dawkins’ speech.

"I'm delighted that a barrier has been broken through. That there never again can be a religious rally on a military base without the authorities knowing that it will be followed by something like [Rock Beyond Belief]." - Prof. Dawkins @ Fort Bragg

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"Hey Justin, just a side note for you dummy, from a vietnam vet and christian, hate to be in a foxhole or on patrol with you and get wacked Iwill be the only serviver and will need to pack you back. God protects his own!" - Larry M.

What do you think of my reply? It must have been effective because he never wrote back.

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Newt Gingrich was just bitten by a penguin at the zoo. Seriously.

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These posters are currently hung in the latrines at boot camp in Fort Jackson, SC. The posters themselves are the graffiti. The atheist soldier that wrote on these simply expressed his opinion - legally.

What would you have written?

I was too busy for Google+ when I was organizing the Rock Beyond Belief festival. Is it dead? Anybody out there?

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Non-sectarian prayer does NOT exist.
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