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Britt K
Alternative Lifestyle Blogger - Sharing my twisted view of the world
Alternative Lifestyle Blogger - Sharing my twisted view of the world

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"As someone who has always done all my hair colouring at home, I can tell you that its not always as simple as just slapping some dye on your head and hoping for the best! Especially when you hit the point of moving from one bold, unnatural colour to another. There is a complete science behind colours, as any artist can attest. This applies not only to the fine arts, but also to the art of hair colouring."

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"I love working from home, I do! The ability to make my own schedule, set my own priorities, spend my time with the pets and do it all without having to leave my home is amazing. There are, however, some definite down times!"

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"When I went through my adolescence I was surprisingly lucky on the acne front. I saw friends breaking out all over, but, for whatever reason, I was spared the embarrassment with only the occasional pimple creeping up to ‘ruin my day’.

I do strongly believe this is why I never developed a good skin care routine – with a naturally clear complexion I didn’t have to worry. Plus, lets be honest, if we aren’t facing something directly as a teenager, then we are invincible and it will never come to impact us in any way, right? A clear face as a teen OBVIOUSLY meant I would have no issues with my skin as an adult!

Well… Joke’s on me!"

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"Raising an animal is A LOT of work at times. We do everything we can to give them the best of the best – from the latest toys and most comfortable bed to the best training that money can buy….

Then there’s the food…

This causes such a stir in some pet circles. You’ve got those that raw feed vs those that kibble feed, those that share scraps with their dog vs those that won’t allow it. Somewhere in the middle of all this feeding controversy there are the dogs like my dear Daviana."

#altspeaking #germanshepherd #dogfood #petcare

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"Today’s society seems to always be on the go…. If you aren’t on the move, you’re busy planning your next steps. This fast-paced lifestyle has taken its toll on our eating habits. While the amount of fast food consumed seems to be on a constant rise, many skip breakfast all together in favour of a coffee cup in hand. I know, I was one of them."

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To my dearest: Today, let’s talk premium designer shoes. I recently had a conversation with a close girl friend of mine. We were just chattering away about investment pieces in our wardrobe. And somehow, we ended up talking about shoes. The discussion is…

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"Happy Mother’s Day to all the different ‘Moms’ that are out there! I hope that you are all celebrating and enjoying this day – its all about you! This includes all types of mothers… Biological mothers, adopted mothers, Dads who act as the mother, Grandmothers, those who play the role of ‘mother’ for whatever reason may have brought it about AND Pet Mothers."

#altspeaking #mothersday #petmoms

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"It’s that time again – Time for another edition of Hometown Tourist! Today’s focus is going to be a little different – as I introduce you to an adorable little bed and breakfast my husband and I discovered in the small town of Leamington, Ontario (just outside of Windsor). The Duck Pond Bed & Breakfast is the perfect getaway for those of us who live in the area, as well as those coming to experience all the beauty that is Windsor/Essex!"

#altspeaking #YQG #windsoressex #leamington #travel

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"Now that I have had a chance to get home and settled, the time has come to share my great vacation last week with all of you! A week of fun, sun, cold drinks and great company. Who could ask for more, right?"

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"I will say I am generally REALLY good about the use of my sunscreen products. No one wants to look like a crispy ass lobster all the time after all, right? Besides, IT HURTS! The problem is despite my best efforts most products fail me. I can remember returning from my honeymoon so burnt on the top of my legs (ATV excursion in shorts) that I could barely walk – and I had applied SPF 65 sunscreen that entire vacation diligently.

So as we prepared for our recent vacation I was scouting out the local drug store weighing my options when I came across this."

#altspeaking Neutrogena Canada #productreview #sunscreen
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