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just wanted to remind everyone here that Google+ is shutting down in April and that time is running out to join the Mewe Group. Many have already joined the new group and are posting there. I look forward to seeing everyone in the new group soon.

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Hello again to all members of the blender community. As I am sure you have heard, google+ will be closing it's proverbial doors much sooner then expected. So as a result we are forced to find a new home in the hopes of continuing to share what we all truly love doing, using blender and making some really cool stuff.
After searching around and trying out different social networks, trying to see if they had what we need in order to function relatively the same way we do here I have found a reasonable alternative to Google+. It will still take some getting used to but it is a comfortable adjustment I think.

I have set up the new home of the community and am sharing the link in the body of this post. Our new home is called BlenderCosmos and it is located on the Mewe Site. It gives us the freedom to share pictures and videos and to comment on the great work that our community produces. I am still learning the ins and outs of the site so there is only the primary page for posting but hopefully there is a way to create different pages to reflect the different aspects of our google+ community and it's use of blender. For now though it's good as is with some tweaking to be done as we go. I will be monitoring both sites until end the end of January. At that point I will sadly leave Google+ behind and focus on moderating the new site exclusively. Though Google+ will be active until April of 2019 this should give everyone who wishes to follow to join the group on Mewe enough time to save what they have here and move over to the new site. I am also looking to have at least three moderators so I will be looking at some members to help with the new site and hopefully with the transition. I have set it up so that it is by request to join same as it was here. It will be a bit of a slow start to build up the new community but please be patient. It all starts with one person just like this community did.
Remember, home isn't a place, it's the people in it that make it a home. Google+ was just the house we were living in. It's time to move to our new home. I look forward to seeing all of you in BlenderCosmos soon. Until then, have no fear, I am still here to keep an eye or two.

Hello to everyone in our wonderful Google+ Community. As I am sure that everyone is aware Google has announced that it will be shutting the proverbial doors on Google+ in the coming months. It is expected to come to complete fruition by August of 2019. I can not express how saddened I am by this announcement. I have been proud to be a part of this community as a member to moderator and eventually owner of the community page. I have gained both insight and knowledge along with establishing friendships and learning not only about blender more deeply but about the people who make the world a hopeful and honest place. This place has been therapeutic, sometimes cathartic and always...home. I know that many here feel the same way and are equal in their dissatisfaction and sadness as I. But, sometimes we have to make a new home for ourselves, to accept change with understanding and trust. We move on to hopefully something, not necessarily better but something new and exciting and different. It may not be our first home but it will be our new one which we can fill with the same meaning and the same opportunities for sharing.
With all of that said, I am researching alternative platforms to which our community can migrate, a place that allows for thoughtful, honest and friendly conversations about this thing we all love so much. In the coming weeks I will do what I can do to lessen the disappointment of losing our blender community and hopefully find a place for us, find a home for us to meet again.

Thank you to everyone here for being so absolutely incredible. I look forward to seeing you again in the future standing place for our blender community but as long as this community exists here I will always watch over it.


Hello to everyone. It has been a while since I have posted but I wanted everyone to know that I am always here watching over the community regardless of my own posting of projects and such.

My wish is that this community be a place that is safe and welcoming to everyone involved in the use of blender, and that it reflects the inclusive nature of blender not only as a 3D program but as a community based program.

I cannot stress the above point enough. Though I cannot ask of anyone, that they manage how they reply to posts, I would ask that should you reply to any post that you do so in a manner that is constructive and without judgement. Not everyone can absorb critiques in the same way. I believe that no one should be bullied or harassed online or anywhere and I will act accordingly should that happen here. There is a "0" tolerance for such actions in this community. Everyone should feel safe no matter where they are whether it's online or in their real world communities and though I can't protect all of you out there, I can do what I can here to make sure that you feel that this is a place that will never make you feel less than what I truly believe you are all worth. Everyone is important and everyone has a voice.

With that being said, there are things that I CANNOT do. I cannot act against a member of the community that expresses an opinion simply because another member may disagree with that opinion. I do not mediate disputes that do not rise to the level of harassment. I would be here all day and I wouldn't be able to do anything else if I had to do so.

Online harassment or bullying is constituted by words or actions that reflect against race, religion, sexual orientation or gender whether it's through the expression of remarks in posts or in comments and/or promotes violence against anyone based on race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender. If someone says to you that they don't like a render or something about the render, this is not harassment, this is the expression of an opinion which I cannot dispute. If it rises to the level that requires my attention, that is indicative of harassment as defined above, I will review the post and act accordingly. I would ask that should anyone see something that reflects such, please bring it to my attention if I have not already dealt with it.

My suggestion would be that should you have a dispute with a member of the community and should you wish no further contact with that member, you have the option to block that member yourself. There is also the option to hide any comments from your feed so that no matter where they comment, whether it's your post or others they will be invisible to you.

I know that others will have an opinion that differs from mine and there are cases where, how certain things are expressed will require me to step in and mediate disputes but, it is not a general rule that I must intervene when people simply can't get along with each other.

Please, be kind to each other, be supportive of each other and try to put yourself in others shoes when offering suggestions or opinions. This is also good advice when being on the receiving end of advice, put yourself in the shoes of the person offering their time to give you feedback and instead of spinning what you think the words would sound like if that person was standing in front of you saying them, simply look at the words and take the advice or critique if you want to. If you don't agree, that's okay too. We are all different and have differing ideas of what looks right. Art is subjective and lets face it, we're artists. The goal is to deescalate and defuse not to antagonize or exacerbate. Disputes will happen, as will online harassment and we can all be vigilant together.

The reason I am posting this is because I have been asked countless times to deal with what is perceived as harassment only to find that it is nothing of the kind. Most disputes are simply people puffing their chest or becoming frustrated by others. If comments are posted that cross the line from offering advice, offering an opinion, expressing frustration or simply arguing, to a place that falls firmly inside the realm of what amounts to a "personal attack" based on something that has nothing to do with the post at hand then I will act. Please review what constitutes harassment before asking me to step in. I am happy to deal with issues of that magnitude but I won't deal with disputes that do not rise to that level nor should there be an expectation that I should. I do not have the authority to govern how people live nor do I have the authority to silence people's opinions simply because there is a disagreement.

Thank you to everyone in the community for being so great and for being so active and also for your current and future understanding concerning this issue. Please keep up the great work and happy blending.

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I keep coming back to this for practice on materials and such. It's never done as this is a good practice file for me to do a lot of things in. I did some post processing in Gimp but only to adjust the brightness slightly and add a bit of a ambient glow to the room. Other then that it's blender through and through. And like I said it's never really going to be done. At any rate, happy blending!

So, I'm having an issue here. It is something that I haven't encountered before. The scene is large but not so large that it should be causing what is happening. Every time, without exception, when I switch to a rendered view in the viewport blender crashes without explanation. The scene like I said is not large and the drivers of my graphics card is up to date. I have reduced the memory usage in blender and done what little information I can find online to solve this issue. Everything that I have found online talks about rendering the image but not the rendered view in the viewport. There is no information online involving blender crashing as a result of switching to rendered view in the viewport. Any ideas? Am i missing something here? Tile size is reduced but that should have nothing to do with the viewport, that would have something to do with rendering an image out as a final render. I'm at a loss. Any advice concerning this would be great thanks!

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Haven't posted in a while thought I would post this. Did this today for kicks and giggles. Always know that I am here everyday keeping my eyes on everything. Wow, that sounded a bit

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I accidentally declined this post but wanted to make sure it got to the community.

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Okay everyone it is time to announce the winner of the competition for the community. The director and I looked at all of the entries and discussed at length which one would work best with our needs. We would first of all like to thank everyone who participated in the competition! We were very impressed with all of the entries.

The winning entry was submitted by Eduardo Rodríguez Rodelas

I will be contacting him shortly to let him know also. Congrats to Eduardo!

Competition closes Tomorrow at midnight, May 1, 2017! Keep those entries coming! Please make sure that the model meets ALL of the criteria that is required to win!

Good Luck!
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