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Can you relate?
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I can relate to them all.

Don't forget rolling up napkins and pretending to smoke cigarettes.
blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in the universe
I did the video game thing SO MUCH!!!

o ya , that was o so totally me also . :~)
hell ya i can im still 12
I can definitely relate to the last one. I did that one all the time!
kinda, just that my shots were made of water
Rolled up napkins or stick pretzels/ciggs.
I can SOOO relate to that. I think every one can.
Should have skiped the medicime cabnet too
Leo T
You banged stuffed animals? Ewwww nasty!!!
Indeed that was my life!
OMG yes the soda cap one all the adults looked at me funny when i did that
I can relate to this I did all of these things
I can relate to all of these!!
Omg I did all those things so WIERD 
Hahaha who hasn't done any of that??
The best ting i did when i was y0unger is, restartd the video game f im getting l0se, haha bt i did it untl n0w.
Did all of them :) and proud I did. Lol 
Yes..of course..laugjing so much my stomach hurts :*)
Who am I missing I still do most of that XD 
I used to roll up paper and pretend to drink a cigarette
Phil B
Lol now I don't restart the video game. I get mad and blame my loss on lag
I poured soda into a cap and pretended I was taking shots - YES! lol
Lily EJ
Yeah, still do 3 and 4 :)
Evy M-N
Oh my God, YES!
Be dirty minded so you can relate....yehaaaaa
Didn't do the shot thing but did the others sometimes or something like that
always and still restart the video game when i know im gonna lose
been there, done that!!!! especially restarting the video games like frenzy
I try to smoke wid my pencil
Do u ?

i did ALL of those... i still do the last two! lol :D
All of them except not the last one. I would pore soda into the cap because i thought it was cool. 
lol i do too. i would always start my video game just cuz i was gonna die
-.- lol at least im not alne
Yes... except instead of stuffed animals, I sleep with my electronics XP
pretending to take shots...that was me right there...still is
Every one of those I have done:-) 
Oh for sure.... that last one I still do, but I also do it with real alcohol... (:
not the shots, but yes!
i can most definitely relate!!!!
I restarted the video game wen I was about to loose :)
i do the first one, i don't have any stuffed animals donated them to a charity a year ago, and i don't play video games any longer, we don't drink soda very often.
i can relate ^_^ this reminds me of when i was a litte girl
I still do most of these things @ 47! Hah
kim moo
all except for the lying about missing arms... that's just wrong.
Lol Omg when i read this i thought this person was a stalker lol!!! Its all soooo true!!
All of them. Except on the first I told people I lost them and exchanged them for big boobs. (I folded my arms where my boob places were)
 I'm pretty sure I did all of those !!!!!! i'm completely relate to it
I also put 3 tictacs in my hand, at morning lunch and at teatime, and tipped my head back with my hand over my mouth (swallowing the tictacs quickly) to pretend I was taking pills......

talking to Death when i was young, now that its Death's turn to take me. i told Death to "DO NOT WAKE ME UP WHEN I'M SLEEPING"
soooooo tru! did everything!!!
i did all of them its makeing me cry cuz i dont want to grow up
am very sure i did all of those things then
Absolutely. I still have no-leaving-anything-out issues... I count my steps to make sure each foot is getting their fair share and other such things.
preten i ws goin to cinima and i buyed som popcorn and u didnt lik the flavour wat will u do???????? 
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