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Cheryl Crone (Cezilia Raposa)
bacon gives me superpowers
bacon gives me superpowers
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The media has effectively stopped showing live coverage. I've got the TV and radio on, and everything is a repeat of what I've seen or heard over the last hour. There have been appeals to media, including social media, to NOT broadcast location of police activity (people are listening to police scanners and posting information).

I honestly don't know where to look. A few minutes ago we got the robocall that the office (in Waltham) is shut down - a bit late I think for those who get to work at 7 but whatever. Boston is officially in "shelter-in-place" mode.

I'm under a blanket on the couch, I've got coffee and communicating with people via a combination of phone call, text, email, and various chats. My friend in Israel has been chatting with me over friends there and I have taken shelter before, together, even...and while Tewksbury is far enough away on the moon, I feel my public presence will just impede law enforcement so I'm keeping my ass here on this couch until further notice.

I suspect there will be drinking later.

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Greetings! I'm Lady Cezilia Raposa, I live in Carolingia and am a member of the Household of Lochleven. I've been around the society for over 10 years, but truly active for only the last 5. I'm currently the Volunteer Wrangler for TRMs Edward and Thyra (and we can always use more volunteers!).

My interests are mainly fencing and scribal arts, but I also love to cook/feed/take care of people.

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