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Webcomic: The Boy with Nails for Eyes
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Day 3 - page finished
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A bit more planning for the next chapter - this is prep sketch for a scene dubbed 'the shop' (because I'm imaginative like that).

The window designs have worked out well - with a bit of development these'lll definitely stay. The vending machines however need a bit of refinement - the design's a bit 'faked' at the moment - too square, not enough reference to create anything that feels real. So a bit more work needed there.

There's another glimpse of the bridge in the background, and Bobby can be seen in the third window aperture from the left.
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The behemoths - from the Prologue of The Boy with Nails for Eyes
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Laz Kal
Fantastic! It looks really interesting!
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New website design is go!
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A new blog post showing a page from my latest comic stage by stage, from original pencils through to final colours.
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This is a short comic I wrote/drew, based on a lucid dream I had a few weeks ago. A bit surreal, as you might expect...
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webcomic comic fantasy animation story
The Boy with Nails for Eyes is a part-animated webcomic by me, Shaun Gardiner.

The story follows a boy called Bobby, who lives in a grim little town by the sea, surrounded by chimneys, under a sky low as a ceiling.

The story opens as Bobby falling in love with a girl whose name he does not know and whose face he hasn't seen. The occurrence sparks a quest that Bobby must undertake to the town's heart, and an encounter with the smiling hunger that lurks there.

Here's a few things that've been said about the story:

"I feel bad about calling it a comic: it's a full-fledged multi-media experience... The Boy with Nails for Eyes [...] may well be one of the best web-comics (or web-comic experiences) to hit the Internet in a long time."
~ Mike Podgorski,

"'s already obvious that this is going to be an extraordinary comic... [the] art is nothing short of amazing..."
~ Brigid Alverson, Comic Book Resources

" terms of experimenting with the notion of a comic embedded in the web, this is fantastic stuff... The art is fantastic."
~ Xaviar Xerxes, Comixtalk
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