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#Parallels really is amazing. Coherence mode lets you run Windows apps directly in their own windows on your Mac OSX desktop as if they were native apps. It also (optionally) integrates windows taskbar items into the OS X system bar at the top.

I use Visual Studio cause my Computer Science professor likes to use it for C++ and Assembly. 
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The new Slides app has arrived for iPhone/iPad, plus you can now edit Office files with updated apps for Docs & Sheets.
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It’s official: Microsoft is buying Minecraft developer Mojang for $2.5 billion -
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UX-Video: The Apple Watch - a great satirical Take on the newest fruity Gadget

Sometimes Satire feels more real than all the surrealistic Marketing Brouhaha. Mass Hysteria for Products is mostly based on greedy Desirability - and not on actual Needs. But that is the Nature of Consumerism.

#UX #Apple #AppleWatch #Satire
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How to use OS X Yosemite's best features:
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We weren't kidding about how small PlayStation TV is — look at this lil' guy! Get yours October 14th:
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The 'Soft Robotics Toolkit' provides open-source plans and how-to videos to help you design, build, and operate soft robots. What would you build? 

#robots #robotics #science
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The entrance to GitHub is the most Instagram-able lobby in tech. It's a <a href="">recreation of the Oval Office</a>, and the mimicry is spot-on---except for the rug. Instead of the arrow-clutching American eagle that graces Obama's office rug, it shows the code-sharing site's Octocat mascot gazing into the digital future, just above the motto: "In Collaboration We Trust."
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Chromebooks are heading to college.

College students across the country can now visit their nearest Chromebook Lending Library. Rent the new laptops for your group project or solo studying.
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Scientists find new uses for magnetic levitation technology, opening the door to manufacturing a host of objects using soft, fragile, or sticky materials that might otherwise be impossible to work with using traditional methods:

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Awesome! I miss Berkeley! ; )
Happy Labor Day!
Thanks to kayinthebay on +Instagram for this great shot. #cal   #berkeley  
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Information Technology Professional
MCSA, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP ID# 2806091), A+ Computer Technician (ID# COMP10624714), Salesforce, social media, iPad, Tablet, smartphones, project management, product specialist, production management, production assistant, retail sales, UX principles, insight analytics, Photoshop, Mockingbird, Balsamiq, support operations, Xbox, mobile support (Windows Phone 8 and Android), MS Office Suite, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, XP, Mac OS, projection mapping, ethnography, social research, economic principles, and working knowledge of HTML 5, SQL, Python, UNIX and C++. Learn more at online CV:
  • Freelance Technology Services
    Information Technology Professional, 2010 - present
    Hybrid position that combines information technology with virtual communities to manage reporting and campaign diagnostics to quantify and qualify effectiveness of social programs. Develop relationships with community power users and influencers. Partner with and sometimes lead technical strategy with client IT teams to bridge the gap between scripting common tasks for automation of routine administrative functions, installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting operating systems in conjunction with the architectural design of online communications. Perform market research to understand the psychology and sociology of potential users to impact UX and system performance.
  • 360 Events & Promotions
    Freelance IT Professional, Social Strategy, 2010 - present
    Integrate communications strategies across several channels for a nationwide promotional agency. Create dashboard reports and make proactive recommendations for enhancements for technical strategy with Web designers and developers. Perform routine updates and enhancements within Salesforce for future state business and technical process flows. Develop social media architecture to bring harmony, utility and durability to the diverse elements of the social media presence.
  • Stanford University Instructor, Howard Rheingold
    Research Assistant, Information Technology, 2010 - 2012
    Work in a cross-funtional research team to conduct social network, game theory, mathematics, technology and economics research for an information technology novel. Design website wireframes to connect the underlying conceptual structure, or information architecture of a complex website. Design online marketing campaign for Net Smart book launch as well as coteach, manage and facilitate the Social Media Classroom. Net Smart Book Launch Online Campaign with Howard Rheingold Mar 25, 2012 - in progress. Peeragogy Project Feb 2012 - in progress. Work in a cross-functional team environment to create an online handbook for self-organized self-learners. The handbook is a "how-to-do-it" resource for self-motivated learners who use digital media to connect with each other, to co-construct knowledge, to co-learn. Learn more @ Peeragogy Handbook mention Website Wireframe Design November 2011 - December 2011 Designed the page schematic and skeletal framework for Howard Rheingold's website. See here:
  • Independent Contractor
    Product Specialist, 2006 - 2014
    Elgato Systems, The International Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Nevada—contracted through 360 Events & Promotions—2015 – Product Specialist focused on walking consumers through a range of smart sensors that gather data on air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy and water consumption on iPhone and iPad. Help the user gain insights on how to improve comfort in their home, and make it a smarter place. Salesforce World Tour, Seattle, Washington—contracted through 360 Events & Promotions—2014–Registration Assistant: entering registrants’ name, printing and stuffing badges, handing out appropriate collateral. Neutrogena, Nike Women’s Marathon, San Francisco, CA—contracted through The Marketing Arm—2014—Production Assistant focused on load-in & load-out of heavy event space equipment; flat screen set up, troubleshoot computers, and network routers and set up logo wall, walls for flat screens, buzz wall for social sharing, & vanity stations. Microsoft, Metro PCS, Windows Phone 8 program at Seattle, WA - contracted through M2W Events for Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, 2013 - Windows Phone 8 Technology Team Lead focused on training and developing staff on Metro PCS services in concert with the Windows 8 OS. Guide staff through user interface to demonstrate how to customize Windows 8 OS for the consumer to impact user experience. Walk consumers through hardware, software, camera and battery and highlight personal information management features: OneNote, social networks, Wallet, and family. Coupled with business apps: Adobe, Excel, Word, Powerpoint and SkyDrive storage. Featured DirectX 11, Touch UI and Xbox-Live Hub. Maintain working knowledge of all Microsoft's products in order to be a subject matter expert onsite. Microsoft, Windows 8 Surface Tablet RT Program at Seattle, WA - contracted through DNA Marketing & Events for Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, 2013 - Windows 8 Surface Tablet Technology Ambassador aimed at engaging and exciting consumers creatively with Major League Soccer application exclusive on Windows 8. Walk consumers through the user interface to demonstrate how to customize Windows 8's live tiles and game updates delivered to their start screen. Demonstrate how to update pre-installed apps, unlock the device using "picture password", choose modern UI color schemes, modern UI tiles, naming UI tiles, share photos, app switching, and social integration. Maintain working knowledge of all Microsoft's products in order to be a subject matter expert onsite. Microsoft, Windows Phone 8 Program in Seattle, WA - contracted through 24 Seven Talent for Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, 2013 - Windows Phone 8 Technology Ambassador aimed at engaging and exciting consumers creatively with inspirational product demonstrations and a communication style that explains the benefits of the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. Educate and share product features and information technology with consumers based on the Windows Phone 8 user interface and user experience. Maintain working knowledge of all Microsoft's products in order to be a subject matter expert onsite. Twilight Breaking Dawn DVD Release Video Projection Program - various Seattle, WA locations 2013 Projectionist - contracted through 360 Events & Promotions Video projectionist for the pre DVD release of the new Lionsgate film Twilight "Breaking Dawn" at various locations throughout Seattle and surrounding areas. This campaign was a guerrilla marketing style program where we selected various walls outside buildings in areas that had heavy evening foot traffic and projected video images for the upcoming release of the film. Duties included but not limited to: shipping/receiving, load-in & load-out of heavy video projection equipment; wiring and troubleshooting video projection equipment; angling, image projection, focus and running equipment; maintaining additional equipment such as generators, tarps, etc. Allstate Tailgate Tour - Seattle, WA 2012 Event Staff Manager - contracted through: Assist Marketing Managed a staff of 16 brand ambassadors for the Allstate Tailgate Tour stop in Seattle, WA. Duties included but not limited to: managed staff time sheets and break schedules; rotated staff to various stations throughout the footprint to make sure staff kept up excitement about the brand; assist in trouble shooting EDC units (electronic data capture); assist in lead generation and making sure staff was in the correct locations to optimize heavy foot traffic areas; handle any consumer or fan disputes related to staff interaction; overall brand promotion; event wrap up, load-in and recapping. Milk Pep - Rock & Roll Marathon - Portland, OR & Seattle, WA 2012 Brand Ambassador/Videographer - contracted through: Assist Marketing - Product Specialist with a key position as Digital Media Coordinator. Duties included but not limited to: lead generation by use of programmed tablets; encouraged pre race day runners to create videos for a brand message video "my after" to help promote chocolate milk consumption after a workout; operate and troubleshoot video equipment; film various pre race day runners hundreds of videos for contest entry; race day sampling at finish line; assist in race day set-up and event striking/wrap up. Comcast Cable Nickelodeon event - Seattle, WA 2012 SpongeBob Square Pants Costume Character Handler - contracted through 360 Events & Promotions New Comcast Cable store opening event promotion. Duties included but not limited to: assisted the costume character staff by making sure the children were ready for SpongeBob's appearance; getting children excited about ongoing appearances throughout the day and emceeing before each appearance of SpongeBob. Assisting children and their parents to various areas of the footprint and making sure everyone was excited about the new store opening as well as the new products and services. Cartoon Network Move It Movement - Seattle, WA 2011 Brand Ambassador - contracted through 360 Events & Promotions Brand Ambassador promoting a healthy lifestyle for youths in order to encourage them to step away from the video games & T.V. and get some exercise. Duties included but not limited to: assisted children with various activities throughout the footprint with the primary area as the golf putting assistant; demonstrated to children how to hold a golf club and how to sink a golf ball into the various holes in order for them to win prizes; line control during heavy foot traffic periods; explained to parents the health benefits of children getting at least 30 min of exercise per day. Hennessy Road Show - In market tour Bellevue, WA & Portland, OR 2011 Assistant In Market Logistics/Tour Manager - contracted through 360 Events & Promotions Assisted primary tour manager with various aspects for a new media launch for Hennessy. Duties included but not limited to: shipping and receiving of deliverables, event equipment, ad boards & premiums; load-in & load-out of event equipment utilizing 17' box truck; event site checks, venue management communication & display placements; complete event setup/striking/wrap-up from beginning to completion; client communication and promotional staff management. Verizon Wireless, Zynga & Svedka - Photo booth programs - In market tour - various San Francisco/Bay Area locations 2010, Assistant Photographer Operations/Tour Assistant - contracted through: Polite in Public Assisted primary photographer/videographer on multiple in market programs as well as traveled to various areas throughout Northern California. Duties included but not limited to: load-in/load-out & maintain photography and video equipment from local storage facility; travel to various markets on a per diem basis to operate equipment at various events; venue site checks, set up/striking/wrap up; extensive wiring, lighting, camera and video equipment as well as specialized printer troubleshooting. Flat touch screen setup and lead generation utilizing electronic data capture (EDC) via Windows touch screen system. Dole Fruit Juice - Sacramento, CA 2009 Site Lead/Event Manager - contracted through: Talented Entertainment Managed staff and logistics for the launch of a new Dole fruit juice product. Duties included but not limited to: event site check and venue management communication; event footprint set-up/striking/wrap up; managed staff timesheets, break schedules and footprint station rotations; keep track of ice placement and make sure coolers and cooling areas have appropriate levels of ice in 100+ degree weather; manage staff sampling efforts and proper branding. New Balance Berkeley Campus Program - Berkeley, CA 2008 Campus Brand Ambassador - contracted through: Fusion Promoted New Balance sneakers to students through a Berkeley campus program. Duties included but not limited to: distribute branded premiums via guerilla style engagement around Berkeley campus; hang door ads at various student housing locations; attach branded magnets to student athlete facility lockers; mirror clings to locker room mirrors; overall brand promotion and engaging the students in the benefits of the brand.
  • Berkeley Home School Prep Academy
    IT Professional, Digital Media Coordinator Volunteer, 2008 - 2012
    Coordinate educational content and resources built directly into the course environment to empower social construction of knowledge and a student-centered learning environment. Integrate Social Media Classroom software and other social media tools into the home school academic curriculum. Maintain, repair, upgrade, enhance, and configure hardware, software and operating systems in a Mac and PC networked environment.
  • Gap Inc.
    Sales Associate, Image Consultant, 2003 - 2008
    -Confidently and proactively help resolve issues for customers and balance a number of customers in a busy retail environment. -Contribute to a constructive work environment by consistently treating all Gap Brand workers and shoppers with respect. -Discern the Gap Brand and goods from competitors with genuine associations with customers. -Deliver results to contribute to the store’s success. Are conscious of and accountable to store and individual goals and results. -Maintain store expectations to improve customer shopping experience. -Demonstrate a great degree of integrity and impose/maintain all company policies and communicate violations to the leadership team. -Accomplish floor replenishment and transport as needed to guarantee client satisfaction and size availability.
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Seattle, WA
San Francisco, Bay Area - San Jose, CA - Berkeley, CA
Learning is my passion!

I am driven by the sociology of computing. I thrive in open spaces that provide a venue for knowledge exchange, creativity and innovation. I aspire to be conscientious, consider the ideas of others, and maintain a positive outlook. I'm passionate about designing and building technology solutions for business and education. 

Certifications: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP ID# 2806091) MCSA, A+ Certified Professional

Learn more at Berkeley profile Howard Rheingold credits Net Smart acknowledgments Peeragogy Handbook mention Follow me on Twitter (@CNealUCB) and LinkedIn Go to link to view online curriculum vitae.

Bragging rights
I enjoy helping others!
  • University of California, Berkeley
    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology: Information Technology emphasis, 2010
    Additional coursework in statistics, cognitive science, virtual communities and social media, information theory, social computing and social psychology. Laboratory Work and Research: -Consider methodological problems in assessing data relating to social life. Pose a sociological problem, gain access to data, measure, establish correlation and causal connection among data, and relate data to theoretical context. -Look at the conceptual frameworks organizational theory employs and seek to make these ideas concrete by applying them to contemporary case studies. -Research various ways in which the social sciences have provided fresh new insights into entrepreneurial behavior by placing innovation in its broader social, cultural, and cross- national contexts. -Research social psychological traditions, especially interpretive, constructionist, and symbolic interactionist perspectives. Identify features of society, including its institutions and symbolic systems that influence the thinking, action, and identity of individuals and groups. -Research the interaction between society and technologies in a comparative and multicultural perspective; including the relationship between technology and human society; technology, culture and values; technology in the new global economy; development and inequality; electronic democracy; how technology has transformed work and employment; and the challenges of technological progress and the role that society plays in addressing these challenges. -Examine how ICT's have transformed various aspects of our society, including how we work, how we produce and consume goods, and how we form communities. Investigate what forms of inequality are characteristic of the information society and weigh this against popular notions of the democratizing potential of ICT's among data, and relate data to theoretical context. Look at ICT's as embedded within social and institutional processes-i.e.. sociologically-rather than as prescribing a technologically determined path for society, be that path utopian or dystopian. -Research cultural and social principles of the internet, from the perspective of social sciences and with a focus upon the relationship between technology and society. Examine the ways in which society is changing due to the introduction and wide spread use of computers and computer network communication. Explore social and economic change due to the internet - the internet in developing nations, new social networks and their impact on social lives, online gaming and the social dynamics of virtual worlds, the culture of the internet, censorship and control of information, and publishing open to all.
  • Northwestern Technical College
    Associate of Science (A.S.), Information Technology
    Topics covered: Information technology, computer science, programming and database administration. Coursework included the study of signals, media and data transmission, networks, packets, frames, parity, extending networks (repeaters, bridges and switches), Wide Area Networks (WANs), routing and shortest paths, network properties, protocols and protocol layering, network security, network management, and network project management etc. Laboratory work: Configure and troubleshoot network infrastructure including DNS, DHCP, IPv6, and Ipsec. Manage accounts and resources, maintain server resources, monitor server performance, and safeguard data. Create group policies, implement administrative and security templates. Write programs to solve problems and protect network from malicious behavior.
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