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Come join the fight for XM control at Covilhã, Portugal

Register now!!!

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Happy  #starwarsday  to all you nerds out there... =P
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Everyone sign up now... ;)

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Looks like I'm a Giant Squid \o/
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I always knew..
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Brazil Shard Extraction SitRep

A few weeks back, just after the shards came into play I was approached with the possibility of extracting the Brazilian Shards to Portuguese soil. All we needed were the keys and a few VRLA for the extraction.
After finding out we had the necessary keys for it, the only missing ingredient were some VRLA, luckily we had a few agents going to the Florence Anomaly and we were able to securely transfer them. With everything in our possession we just had to set a time and date and a portal isolated enough to get us some leverage over the Resistance. 
We ended up choosing the 21st of March for the 2400 UTC jump to a portal called Farol do Cabo Sardão. 
A team of 8 was put together


We all met in Zambujeira do Mar late in the afternoon and decided we could do some grocery shopping and cook dinner for the 8 of us. Since some agents booked a room to stay the night we had a kitchen at our disposal. 
After a delicious banquet comprised of meat for some and aquatic ginger as others would call it (salmon), we laid down the plan and the procedure to be executed at the Sardão Lighthouse.
We arrived shortly after 23h00 to inoculate the portal and upgrade it to L8 before laying down the VRLA.
23h40 and @reaperfromhell's Scanner had no cell coverage neither 3G nor EDGE. So another agent promptly offered his hotspot connection so we could go on with the mission.
With 15min to spare agent @blueagt made the link to Brazil. Now all we could was wait... and what a long excruciating wait it was!
As the clock struck midnight we all started updating our scanner to see if the Shards, #Samba and #Sardão (that's what we eventually named them), had actually jumped.
Agent @Klorofila was the first to announce it had jumped. We all sighed in relief.

On our way out we figured we could use some blockers just to make sure our path wouldn't be cut off. So we drove north to put up some blockers to the Azores. While the key carousel was still open agent @klorofila found a bunch of portals that were linkable and she had the key to sooo… a few links later we covered a great amount of land in the Alentejo.
After it was all set and done, agents @klorofila and @blueagt shared the snacks they brought some in case someone felt peckish, good thinking agents! ;)
Since we had to be back at the lighthouse at 6am, for the next jump, we decided to call it a night and try to get at least a little bit of sleep. Back in the room, agent @killorca decided it would be too risky if everyone fell asleep and we missed the jump. So she pulled an all-nighter while the rest took a very short nap. At 4h30 we all got up and drove back to the lighthouse to secure it.
On the way we spotted agent @klorofila and @blueagt still active in the vicinity so we challenged them to join us once more at the lighthouse for the second jump. 
It's nearly 6am and still no sign of the enemy.  We decided to take the chance and perform the jump with an 'un-inoculated' portal.
And just two minutes before 6, agent @OutfitJoe threw the link to the Azores.
After another two very loooong minutes of waiting, we could finally rejoice knowing the Shard jumped safely to Farol do Arnel in the Azores islands. 
That was it... The team was completely exhausted and the only thing in our minds was going back to the house for our much needed sleep. 

The next day, after sleeping in till very late we woke up in desperate need of food.
So before heading back to Lisbon we searched for a Picnic park in the neighborhood where we could grill last night's leftovers.
On the way back, the team in Sintra asked for our help dealing with the third Shard that had landed in Cabo da Roca the previous day as well. After a very quick dinner and a glance at the intel map, the 6 available agents sped straight to Sintra to help sending the shard back to the Azores.
While the Sintra team was receiving their intel instructions from agent @pedroraf, we were in charge of securing the Shard portal. After a quick inoculation we built the portal up to P7 and waited for the right moment to link since no one from the resistance was to be seen at the time. Alas a blocking link from the resistance appeared right in front of us, luckily one of its anchors was extremely close by and agent @OutfitJoe was able to drive there and take it down just as agent @SweetIris jarvised the last blocker. 
The link was established 10 minutes before jump time... Now all we had to do was hold the Portal. We were all set in case the resistance showed up.
3min before jump time a Resistance agent did show up, but wasn't able to take it down.
At midnight, #7 jumped to the Azores and joined #Samba and #Sardão in Nordeste, the easternmost region of São Miguel.

Having sent 3 Shards to the Azores in the last 24h, we all went home to sleep. ;) 

Special thanks to everyone who helped, be it intel operating or just rooting for us.
As well as our four-legged agent @Piruças who endured us throughout the whole weekend and was always ready to scare any resistance agents that would come near the shard. =P
Thanks guys!

A huge shoutout to the Azores Team who went back and forth upgrading portals for us.
And another one for the Brazilians for securing the portal just as planned!  Thank you all!! 

PS: As expected... +Zé Maneli​ tagged along and had to photobomb every opportunity he got, but it was great fun having him around =D

+Matilde Tusberti​ +Joe Philley​ +Brandon Badger​ +Hank Johnson​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​ +Brian Rose​ +Ingress​ +Niantic Project​ +Fev Games​ 

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glad to have been a part of the azorean team and helped with the shards. The azorean team had the shard for almost a whole week and we are still catching up sleep time. :) 
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Pedro Luiz de Castro (Reaper)

DO NOT POST - RETIRED Western Europe  - 
Portal Name: Cidade Ferroviária
Location: Entroncamento, Portugal
Lat/Long: 39.465492, -8.471701
Type: Rejected new submission

It's a cool piece of art made with small stones and some broken mosaic. Shaped like the Towns logo, it sits on a roundabout in the "Train City" of Entroncamento, right next to the Locomotive Park. 
You can even see it from Google Maps Satellite View.

Ready for #PortalAppealReview 24 to 4.
66 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Review this appeal! [Yes]
Not a valid/complete appeal. [No]
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Current live portal's set no precedent for new submissions. Any roundabout accepted usually is done so in error. 
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Have him in circles
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Now I kinda want to 'play' this game! =/
Visualization of Server Traffic is Like the Coolest Game of Pong

I have to say ... This is pretty mesmerizing. 

Each little "ball" is a request to the server

On the left: the IP numbers from the users connecting around the world

To the right: The url's being served up

In the center: The "static calls being serviced by our front end

The brightness represents the speed with which the code written by our awesome developers delivers data (aided of course the great hardware)

Had any of the balls gone past to the right, that would have been a serve we couldn't return. Try that, Federer!

( via ~ )

#Servers   #Networks   #TAIGA   #WebTraffic   #Geekery   #GIF  
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Looks like they're giving out cell phones... =P
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O KuantoKusta faz 10 anos e está a oferecer 10 Smartphones topo de gama. Participa já! No KuantoKusta sopramos as velas e queremos comemorar esta data com aqueles que contribuíram para uma década de sucesso. PASSATEMPO PARTICIPA e GANHA um iPhone 6 ou um Galaxy S6! .velas-kk-10 {display:block; border-left:2px solid #ff8800; width:25em; margin:8.2em 0 0 35em;padding-left:10px;color:#ffffff;font-weight:bold;font-size:1em; text-align:justify;} .pass...
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Cue in CSI: Paradise
What happens in Las Vegas doesn't actually happen in Las Vegas. #mindblown
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Awesome OP and love the report! :D

Which reminds me... I miss the old Ingress Report with local video SitReps... =)
The SITREP for ‘Operation Gruin Grunn’ (Operation Green Groningen)

Aspiring the beauty of composition and the art of creating ‘living structures,’ the Groningen Enlightened create 250 fields over the area in a short period of time, creating 'strobe flashes in the night' over this city in the north of The Netherlands.

Great work agents, and congratulations on all the illuminator badges!
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Good one... I must say! :D
Sit-Rep for Operation All-Comm

In Austin, we often pretend to "oops" in All Comm, with "Be ready to throw in 15" or "Can you make it to the blocker in time?"
So +Ashley Cockrum​​​​​ had an idea to put a spin on it for April Fools day, to pull off a real op in All-Comm.

Cheered on by friendly shouts of "Guys!!! Use the faction tab!!" We selected anchors, and started to farm keys to the anchors, and reach out to nearby Enl... and resistance for help with a "massive operation". We ran out of ADA, and we jokingly called on the resistance to help us clear lanes, and apparently, they didn't want to save us some ADA at the portals we clearly designated in all comm as blockers, so more Enl got them. After a few hours of All-Comm key farming and clearing blockers, we decided that we needed better communication; so we made a hangout and a open Zello channel that we posted in comm for everyone to join, and it was largely ignored for a good hour, until our Resistance friend +Michael Wylie​​​​ was not fooled and he joined the Zello and was invited to the hangout. It seemed our op wasn't going to make it. So we reached out and added any and all responding resistance to the planning hangout and zello, where even more links were assigned. Now with the resistance rapidly flooding the Zello and Hangout, we were approaching throw time, when +Lea​​​​​ (Res) with about 20 minutes to go time, noticed we were not April Fooling anyone, we were actually fielding. She told us all about her new shoes in Zello as the final blockers dropped, and we proceeded to layer 19 fields over Georgetown (largest being 24k), 4 of which went up just in time for checkpoint.

Key Farmers, Blocker Busters, Fielders and Jokesters
+Mike Sheppard​​​​
+Ashley Cockrum​​​​
+Jeff Thelen​​​​
+Adam Botbyl​​​​
+Renee Botbyl
+Chris Hansen​​​​
+Nicole Perdue​​​​
+Jon Harmon​​​​
+Alan Rice​​​​
+Nancy Something​​​​
And I operated

Another thank you to the Resistance who joked along and to the rest of the #greengoblins who joined in the fun.
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Great to see Res and Enl getting along :)
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"The Olmec were the first major civilization in early Meso-America, and the precursors to the Aztecs and the Mayans. This fierce warrior clan prized powerful, decisive action through controlled aggression." - +Stella V 
Join me on the quest to the Truth following the path of the Olmec.
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Donghu power!!!!!!!!!
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    1997 - 2006
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If you don't have any bananas in the provided picture I'll have to refuse it

Friendly staff, great food, awesome vibe. But expensive though
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Um café simples com uma boa variedade de bolos. Serviço simpático e com espaço para fumadores.
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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The food was excellent. Yet the service could use some improvement... Waiter managed to get the order somewhat wrong, on a party of four and the restaurant was practically empty! Even so, highly recommended!
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Abanicos de Porco Preto... simplesmente deliciosos!!!! =)
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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