This just ruined my morning! I got an email for a "Storytelling Systems Roundtable" and I got very excited and despite the fact that this is 70 miles from home I thought it would be worth going to talk to other Story Gamers. Once I clicked on the link I discovered that "Storytelling Systems" means games like WoD and Dresden Files. Arguably Dresden might have been something closer to what I want if it didn't include, "or you, the GM, can just create the city yourself and stuff what your players might find engaging" but honestly that would've just earned my respect not got to me to play it.

But I still have hope. I backed a new gaming con in Denver: They plan to run things games-on-demand-style, but not necessarily with games-on-demand-style-games. I plan to go all out trying to build a community around the style now that there is a local convention in a hotel that isn't a landfill.

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