Here's the summary of the second session of our ongoing "With Great Power" game. First session linked below.

After the capture of Jimmy C (The Jester's DJ friend) in the last issue, we wanted to get right back to that. Our villain, the [0r314t3r x |)319H1 (Correlator of Delphi), took Jimmy back to his backup secret lair under Balancing Rock in Garden of the Gods. There he corrupted Jimmy C's playlist so he could control the DJ through digital subliminal messaging. He then dropped Jimmy off at his next gig (surprisingly early) before he regained consciousness.

In the hospital, General Norman Lee and Senator Sarah Barton are visiting Eric Barrow (aka Rockies Draconis). The General is worried that Eric may need to give up his superhero identity after 65 years of service. Eric agrees to an MRI which reveals a brain abnormality. The doctors recommend removal of the alien suit.

The Jeremy Edwards III (aka The Jester) finally tracks down Jimmy at the gig, but realizes that something is up; Jimmy is always late! He probes Jimmy's mind a discovers the location of the Correlator in Garden of the Gods. The Jester reaches out telepathically and attacks! One of the Correlator's autonomous apps detects the psychic attacks and the Correlator uses Jimmy's music to counter attack. False images flash into The Jester's mind that cause him to believe that the Correlator is working for General Normal Lee.

Desperate for help controlling his suit, Eric returns to Jeremy's office looking for a phone number to contact his "doctor". Instead he finds a faltering illusion and a file filled with classified information on the supers program.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wright has taken his battered and (he believes) unconscious wife to the Correlator's hideout. He's distraught over his accidental attack on her during his mental battle with The Jester, but is terrified that she will turn him in to the police and divorce him. While the Correlator and Mr. Wright argue over what to do, Mrs. Wright manages to dial 911 on her cell phone.

Jeremy also returns to his office looking for more info on the General. Eric confronts him and Jeremy reveals that the file is his own - he's AWOL from the program! Just then, General Norman Lee steps out of the shadows like he's been there the whole time. Eric thought he was the only super, but the General reveals that lots of technology has been derived from the Roswell wreckage and he is just the first of many. When Eric refuses to be benched, the General also reveals that thanks to the Correlator's hacking, program scientists have discovered how to interact with the alien suit's computers - and he shuts off the suit! The General tries to talk them both to coming in, but The Jester manages to put the General into a catatonic state of self delusion. They leave him there go to confront the Correlator.

When they arrive at Balancing Rock, there is no visible entrance and the police have tracked the cell phone signal here as well. One of the cops is Leah Fulton, Jeremy's crush. Eric tries to talk his way past the police, but one of them remembers him as Senator Reginald Barton - long dead Senator Barton!

In the cave below, the Correlator has been alerted by his AI servants and Mr. Wright attempts to subdue his wife. She manages to start their car and throw it into reverse. The car bursts up through the pavement and knocks Leah's partner aside as it goes careening out of sight. Mr. Wright knocks out his wife and manages a clean get away as the revelation of the underground lair distracts everyone at the scene.

The Jester trades fisticuffs with the Correlator and then charges into the cave to smash his computers before they can upload to the Delphi microsat. This impresses Leah who though Jeremy was all talk.

Outside, the Correlator confronts Rockies Draconis who has briefly regained control of his suit. Unfortunately, the Correlator is live UStreaming from his Google Glass at this point and the world is left wondering why someone who looks like the late Senator Barton has magic dragon armor. When Eric's powers fail him again, the Correlator manages to escape into the woods using active camouflage.

In game terms we have a card on Act 4 and Rockies Draconis has one devastated aspect - his powers.

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