I ran "Doomed Pilgrim" as an in-person Parsely game two nights ago at a Gamer Social. I was hoping for a bigger turnout to try this on, but the small group we had (5 including me) seemed right for it.

A Parsely game is where one person acts as a computer running a game similar to Zork. Clearly "The Sundered Land: Doomed Pilgrim" is not such a scripted scenario, so when I say I ran it as a Parsely game I mean that we were face-to-face and we went around the circle with everyone taking turns (rather than online, which is the game's intent). To prepare for this I printed out the rules in a larger font and trimmed them down a bit so they fit on one page for me. I also pre-selected the selectable elements. For the rest of the group I printed their rules (tweaked for in-person play) in very large font on one sheet.

It went very well! My pilgrim was menaced by a tentacle in the mist of a ravine, climbed a spire to escape the spreading mist, leapt from spire to spire while avoiding a Roc's nest, jumped into a cliff-side cave while a dragon ate the Roc, fell into a pit trap inside the cave/dragon's lair, and fought off three Kobolds and threw one to the dragon to make his escape.

I may have neglected to mention that this is a post apocalyptic setting.

Everyone had a good time and many of the answers really challenged me. I asked for more descriptions this time than I did the one time I played here on G+ and that was rewarding. I need to do a little better job with the introduction if I want it to actually resemble the fiction of the game setting, but it didn't hurt anything to go another way.

I'm looking forward to running it again in a couple weeks! Hopefully there is a bigger turnout, but either way I know it will be fun.

FYI - There are 6 games inside "The Sundered Land" and only the first one is designed for online/Parsely play. The rest are all very different from that and I wish I had more chances to play and try those out too.

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