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Bill Bernhardt
I am a professional fly fishing guide & instructor and a freelance outdoor writer.
I am a professional fly fishing guide & instructor and a freelance outdoor writer.

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I was thinking about the Brown Trout, Speckled Trout, and Brook Trout spawns that are either presently taking place in our western North Carolina streams or will be starting soon and this led me to contemplate appropriate fly patterns for this period. Therefore, I have published a new article on this subject in "Doc Trout's Fly Fishing Blog" located at:

Well boys, Fall has arrived here in western North Carolina, the nighttime temperatures are nearing freezing now, and the Brown Trout spawn is on! In fact, all three species of Speckled, Brook, and Brown Trout spawn in the Fall generally starting sometime in October and continuing through November depending on species and population. So, now is the time to get out your Streamers and your Egg patterns and take a hike into the back country for some Wild trout action (pun intended).

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I recently attended the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Expo held in Fletcher, N.C. However, I was a bit disappointed with the whole affair since it did not even come close to meeting my expectations. To read about my impressions and experiences while there, follow this link to my Blog article:

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For all of you fly fishermen out there who love small streams and wild Trout, the Speckled, Brook, and Brown Trout here in the western North Carolina Mountains are presently in either a pre-spawn period or have already stated to spawn depending on species and population. Thus, they are feeding aggressively right now and therefore, it is time to get out your egg patterns and your streamers and hike into the back country! To see more of my recently updated western North Carolina Stream Reports please follow this link:

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For any of you who have ever had a question about your rights as a fly fisherman to access a particular section of a stream that has been posted as "No Trespassing" by a private property owner, I have done some research and published a new article on my web that addresses this issue titled "North Carolina Stream Access Laws" and you can find the article at:

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I was out fishing with a client the other day when I had an epiphany concening fly fishing with streamers! Thus, for those of you whgo would like to read my thoughts on this matter, I have published a new Blog atticle at:

Both hurricane Sandy and the Nor'easter that followed it have passed us by now and we are presently enjoying some beautiful weather. While our nighttime lows have been in the thirties, the day time highs are ranging from the high sixties to the low seventies with sunny skies. In addition, the Delayed Harvest season has arrived and Wilson Creek is now operating under D.H. regulations. Plus, the NCWRC has stocked the stream very heavily with Brook, Brown, and Rainbow Trout and they can be seen holding in nearly every riffle and pool. So, with optimum water temperatures combining with pleasant day time air temperatures, now is the perfect time for Trout fishing here in the western North Carolina Mountains.

If you haven't checked out the new online magazine "Southern Trout" yet , then I urge you to do so at The magazine is published by well know outdoor writer and author Don Kirk and is the only fly fishing magazine in existence which focuses specifically on fly fishing for Trout here in the Southeast. In addition, it features many fine contributors including myself and I now have articles published in the first and third issues.

I fished the Delayed Harvest section of Wilson Creek from the old ruins up to the concrete bridge with client on Friday and had and excellent day. Despite seeing an incredible amount of May Fly Spinner activity, the trout were not inclined to come to the surface for a dry fly. Therefore, we switched to streamers and my client caught four Brook Trout, one Brown Trout, and one Rainbow of varying sizes on a size 12 Rainbow Trout fly and I caught three nice Brown Trout on a size 12 Black Nosed Dace.

In addition, the "stock truck" was there today and I spoke to the fellows who were releasing the Trout and they informed me that they placed several, old, brood-trout in the eighteen to twenty-four inch category in that section of the stream today!
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