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The Prophesy of the Seven Fires

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The Prophecy of the Seven Fires according to The Mishomis Book by Edward Benton Banai Seven prophets appeared to the people. The First Prophet
told the people that in the time of the First Fire they would leave their homes
by the sea and follow the sign of ...

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My Compass is Broken/Finding New Direction
I have always thought my life was well mapped out.  I knew what I wanted.  I knew how to go about achieving what I wanted and I was journeying on the path just as planned.   My compass was pointed in the right direction and all I needed to do, was stay the ...

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A quiescent mind is a bit of an oxymoron.  One may have the appearance of being in a
state of ‘quietness’ or ‘inactivity’ however, the mind keeps firing.   In any new initiative there are moments of
doubt.  There will be days when one flies
high and days wh...

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When Struggle Surrounds You, Remember This
When I ap proach a new blank canvas I attempt to establish a
dialogue. That dialogue is with me and the canvas; me and my inner
perception of my world; me and those who stop to view the work. I open
conversations with signs and signifiers. I give clues.    ...

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Embracing the Crone
There are several major turning
points in our life such as when we pass from child to teen; from teen to young
adult; from adult to senior. In addition, there have been spiritual turning
points for me. The most significant turning point was reaching that ag...

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Residue: Beauty in Simple Things
The foil was crumpled and charred with the residue.   I was about to throw it in to the garbage when the simple of beauty of the crumpled mass caught my attention.   Too often, we rush through life and miss the beauty in everything surrounding us.   This mo...
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