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Cristi Marin
Cristi Marin is an Online Business Developer
Cristi Marin is an Online Business Developer

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LoL - "We're in your fucking house" #google   #googlehouseview  

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Awesome #AWESOME #offline #marketing #test!
This is another ingenious way to learn about how far people are willing to go when they want to get something for #free :)

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Cool extension...All in One.
#Searching is much easier and faster now.

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+Gary Raser, I really love and believe in these words!

#motivational   #success     #winners  

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+Jay Abraham's advices are simple but very powerful and I think this is the main reason he's World No.1 #marketing consultant!

I just love his knowledge...

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+Robert Scoble has discovered this stupid #facebook #error which I never saw it before.

Has anyone else ever gotten a message like this?
Looks like facebook has some issues with the #algorithm.
Facebook is keeping you from being an asshat in comments

OK, so I go over to +Max Woolf's content area on Facebook, and respond to his post about +PandoDaily, (which is here: ) but Facebook keeps me from posting the below comment. It gave me this error. Looks like Facebook is doing content analysis in real time before it will let you post and is looking to keep the service "happy." I sure wonder now what kind of algorithms Facebook is running on content.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? I haven't, and I've posted tons of comments to Facebook.

My comment?


I'm so glad I didn't start a media business. It's actually really tough to get new and interesting stories and to avoid falling into drama. People forget that Techcrunch was built step-by-step as a new publishing form was taking shape. PandoDaily doesn't have that advantage and, is, indeed, facing competition from social networks that is quite good indeed.

I no longer visit blogs. I watch Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, along with Hacker News, Techmeme, Quora. These are the new news sources.

Plus, Pando Daily actually doesn't have enough capital to compete head on with, say, D: All Things Digital or The Verge, both of which are expanding quickly and have ecosystems behind them.


UPDATE: we're discussing this over on Facebook too:

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Another update it's up from Google's "Zoo" !
#Google #Penguin #Update

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Somehow I've become a #HERO ! :))

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MUST READ: #FacebookPage admins beware!
Simple #mistakes can cost you big time...find out more.

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The time frame for #happiness :)
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