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Jesika “Craft Geek” Johnson

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Fresh Pasta with Heirloom Tomato Salami Sauce
I recently took a class at Sur La Tab to learn how to make
pasta. I had watched enough food network to know it isn’t totally complicated.
It really is pretty easy to do it just takes time and effort and if you have
time and are willing to make an effort it ...

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Turkey Burger Salad
A lot of my recent recipes came to be during my Whole30 so
you will probably continue to hear about Whole30 this and Whole30 that but it
is a pretty awesome program so I am ok with it. I fell in love with making sliders out of turkey and using
sweet potatoe...

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Stuffed Prosciutto Chicken
Sometimes… Quite often actually I come up with my best food
ideas at random or I just randomly start pulling stuff together from the fridge
and it turns into a masterpiece. That is how this chicken came to be. I had just finished my Whole 30 and I wanted ch...

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DIY Customized Cups
I think I may of mentioned it before but in case I did not...
I got a Cricut Explorer this last year and well I am obsessed. I have used it
so much and it has seriously been the most used gift I have ever gotten. I have been making a lot of DIY shirts using...

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes
I feel like a good recipe is one you come up with and
everyone assumes it is from Pinterest. That is exactly what happened with these cupcakes. See it
all started when my friend and I did a crazy intense food cleanse and she had a
craving for Reese’s, Oreos...

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BBQ Ranch Deviled Eggs
Anyone remember 3 years ago 3.5 years ago when I wrote about BBQ Ranch Deviled Eggs ? Oh good you don’t cause I don’t either :/ well clearly I wrote
about them but the picture was just so appetizing I felt like I needed to do it
again, so I did! I mean I wa...

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Spring Rolls
Hey there! I know it has been a while but if you were following me on
Instagram ( Craft Geek ,  Fit Foodie ) either of my accounts you would now it has not been spent idly. I have been cooking and crafting but I still work as well so
I struggle in taking pi...

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Oh hey middle/end of April, when did you get here?! Every year.. softball season sneaks up on me and overtakes my whole schedule.. I hardly am at home, let alone have time to craft.  The good news is that I have lots of time to brainstorm and I should have ...

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2015 Culinary Bucketlist
I was inspired after reading Karla's Culinary Bucketlist. . she has this awesome blog called Foodologie .. you should check it out. I mean really the idea of a culinary bucket list is just awesome.  So of course since she posted it I have been thinking of a...

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2015... where did the year go?!
To avoid sounding like a broken record I will fully admit that I have failed my blog this last year. I had big plans for it and a lot of posts planned but they never happened. Why? Life.. that's why, it happens and things don't go as planned and then next t...
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