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The bsod while driving must not be fun...

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If I had to pick two musical artists, and only two I think I'd pick Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

Some of my favorite songs are covers from these artists, or by these artists...

Who would you pick? And why?
+Derek DeMoro

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Very cool stuff indeed!
Check out the talk I gave at the 2011 LLVM DevMtg about some of the things we're doing at Google with Clang!

Also, you can check out the full playlist of videos: or on the LLVM site:

PS: Before you ask, no, my slides aren't up. Keynote betrayed me and ate them, they're being reconstructed slowly though...

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I couldn't agree more!
In just two decades, the world wide web has transformed and democratized access to information all around the world. I am proud of the role Google has played alongside many others such as Yahoo, Wikipedia, and Twitter. Whether you are a student in an internet cafe in the developing world or a head of state of a wealthy nation, the knowledge of the world is at your fingertips.

Of course, offering these services has come with its challenges. Multiple countries have sought to suppress the flow of information to serve their own political goals. At various times notable Google websites have been blocked in China, Iran, Libya (prior to their revolution), Tunisia (also prior to revolution), and others. For our own websites and for the internet as a whole we have worked tirelessly to combat internet censorship around the world alongside governments and NGO promoting free speech.

Thus, imagine my astonishment when the newest threat to free speech has come from none other but the United States. Two bills currently making their way through congress -- SOPA and PIPA -- give the US government and copyright holders extraordinary powers including the ability to hijack DNS and censor search results (and this is even without so much as a proper court trial). While I support their goal of reducing copyright infringement (which I don't believe these acts would accomplish), I am shocked that our lawmakers would contemplate such measures that would put us on a par with the most oppressive nations in the world.

This is why I signed on to the following open letter with many other founders -
See also: and

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Check it out...
We introduced Dart this morning, a new language for structured web programming. You can learn everything about Dart at, and read the introductory blog post at:

To follow the reactions to the Dart launch right here on Google+, try this search:

Or give it a try now, directly from your browser:

Looking forward to hearing what people think of Dart!

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