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A clever phishing scheme is making the rounds again. The scheme works like this: You receive an email response from someone you have corresponded with in the past that contains an email attachment, e.g. a PDF. You click on the PDF, and it opens an authentic looking interstitial asking for your login credentials. The URI is disguised to look like you've been taken to Google (or Yahoo, etc), but if you look closely, you'll notice a data/text prefix that tells you that it's actually a local script.

As soon as you try to login, the thieves have your credentials, they take over the account, change the password, and then immediately start phishing all your contacts. In this case, 2-factor authentication (2FA) will save you, but it's possible that a future version of this phish could grab your 2FA input as well.

Be careful out there!

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Rview 1.3.0

Added the last missing pieces to the Gerrit client (Gerrit url handling inside the app and edit files and publish a new revision). This is the full changelog:

* [Feature] Added support for revision file edits
* [Feature] Allow to handle Gerrit change urls inside the app (only for well-known repositories)
* [Feature] Added LineageOS Gerrit repository
* [Feature] Added support for List formatting in user messages
* [Feature] Scroll down to review box on reply to message
* [Feature] Switch avatar fetching order (now Gravatar is prefered over Github)
* [Bug] Fixed quoted messages aligment
* [Bug] Recompute view child measures on skip line events
* [Bug] Fixed Automotive Linux Gerrit repository url
* [Bug] Other bug fixes and improvoments
* [Dependencies] Update dependencies

#rview #gerrit  
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I recently saw a question on /r/androiddev asking how to implement a fancy animation… and decided to demonstrate how to do it using AnimatedVectorDrawable.

Here's a breakdown of how I did it:

Or you can jump straight to the code here:

#AndroidDev #AndroidDesign #Animation
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Crossed 2,000 miles on Friday with my +Boosted Boards V1 model !

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