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Books I read in 2012

Xenocide - Orson Scott Card
Children of the Mind - Orson Scott Card
The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien
The Mountain Valley War - Louis L’amour
The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman
Rod Serling’s Other Worlds - Rod Serling, Ed.
Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman 
House of the Hunted - Mark Mills
A Princess of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs 
Player Piano - Kurt Vonnegut
Against All Enemies - Tom Clancy w Peter Telep
The Last Kind Words - Tom Piccirilli
When the Sleeper Wakes - H.G. Wells
Reilly’s Luck - Louis L’amour
Camouflage - Joe Haldeman
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clark
The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baroness Emmuska Orczy
The Virginian - Owen Wister
The Curse of Capistrano - Johnston McCulley
The Coal Black Horse - Robert Olmstead
The Regulators - Stephen King as Richard Bachman
Carnage of Eagles - William W. Johnstone
Waiting for Godot - Samuel Beckett
Hills of Homicide - Louis L’amour
Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Law at Randado - Elmore Leonard
Over on the Dry Side - Louis L’amour
The Wind Through the Keyhole - Stephen King
The Maltese Falcon - Dashiel Hammett 
American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Forever Peace - Joe Haldeman
Fountains of Paradise - Arthur C. Clarke
Hombre - Elmore Leonard
The Thin Man - Dashiel Hammett
Eyes of the Hawk - Elmer Kelton

Goal for 2013 is 33 books to make even 100 books read over 3 years.

Nook loaded up with Disney movies - Check
Road trip ABBA CD - Check

Niagara Falls here we come.

Assuming I don't start an finish a book between now and midnight (safe assumption) here is a list of the books I read in 2011:

Dead or Alive - Tom Clancy
Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
Boneshaker - Cherie Priest
Captains Courageous - Rudyard Kipling
The Walking Drum - Louis L’Amour
Manhunters - Elmer Kelton
Slaughterhouse-Five - Kurt Vonnegut
With the Old Breed - E.B. Sledge
I, Robot - Isaac Asimov
Night Shift - Stephen King
Odd Jobs - Ben Lieberman
The Haunted Mesa - Louis L’amour
The Strong Shall Live - Louis L’amour
The Strain - Guillermo del Toro and ChuckHogan
The Fall - Guillermo del Toro and ChuckHogan
The Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
Worth Dying For - Lee Child
Helmet for my Pillow - Robert Leckie
The Gods Themselves - Isaac Asimov
The Far Canyon - Elmer Kelton
The Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling
The Night Eternal - Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan
The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas
Journal of the Gun Years - Richard Matheson
The Second Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling
The Sisters Brothers - Patrick DeWitt
Bowdrie - Louis L’amour
The Walking Dead: Book One - Robert Kirkman
Sin Killer -Larry McMurtry
Shadow on the Sun - Richard Matheson
The Forever War - John Haldeman
Speaker for the Dead - Orson Scott Card

Happy Birthday to Kristina.

Dear East Coast,

Stop embarrassing yourselves.

Now, I'm not going to say who, but someone turned 15 months old today.

Rosalyn's gibberish now has a distinct spanish accent. 

No, its fine Obama, I only wanted to watch half that show anyway.
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