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Trisha Scott
Simple Moments. Amazing Life.
Simple Moments. Amazing Life.

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Chickenpete has a new home :)
Click on the picture to go to new site!

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Judgment Day
It takes me forever to digest something. I have to let it simmer in my mind and occassionally it will come to a full boil and then I let it rest for a bit. Later it starts to simmer again and eventually it boils over into other areas of my life and causes d...

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A house made of pallets
I have never jumped on the pallet wagon. I would like to think it was because I avoid the trendy. However, I squealed like a little girl when I noticed an empty pallet laying in the yard. Where, oh where, did this piece of blank canvas come from?? "Can I ha...

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New Beginnings
There is something very attractive about starting anew. Whether that be January 1st, a new school year, a new job, or even Monday morning, the ability to reflect on what you can change, on what you hope for the future, on the possibilities is quite amazing....

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Ready for a Bonfire!
All items available at ModCloth

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Snakes on a Wreath
This is a super simple project that has a lot of impact. I love the way it turned out! You will need rubber snakes (I used four but if you are using a larger wreath, you will want more) Black spray paint Grapevine wreath Floral wire Wire cutters Spray paint...

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Prep time
Some Fall and Halloween prep around the Scott pictures. Painted some spooky trees using watered down black paint, a straw, and breath! Spray painted some branches black Took a walk around the stores and looked at all of the awesome Halloween de...

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This is how I remember it.........
One thing that I like to do when thinking up a concept of a
story is to explore my past for hidden gems that I can tweak and manifest into
something else. Sometimes I do not even need to change all that much….our
histories are laden with moments of mystery ...

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Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?
My last post was in February. I had no intention of stopping. I had a calendar set up with various post ideas all the way into June. I don't know what happened. I think it was hard for me to justify keeping this going when there was not an obvious reward fo...

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Canvas Fabric Art
You will need: -Stretched canvas frame -Disappearing ink marking pen -Your choice of fabric (large enough to wrap around your canvas) -Mod podge -Staple Gun -Acrylic Paint -Paintbrush or foam brush -Scissors -Template of object you are painting on canvas (o...
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