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Balance Hypnosis St Albans

If you are thinking about weight loss programs for the new year then we have some great ones that can help you. In particular we are one of the most experienced providers of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire. Gastric band hypnotherapy helps you to understand the reasons why you may be overeating as well as working with you on:

Portion Control
Mindful Eating
Sugar Addiction
Binge Eating
Motivation and Willpower boosting.
Comfort Eating

Before taking on any clients we insist on discussing our program with you on the phone to ensure that you are suitable and understand the exact way our program works. Ring us today and we will be happy to talk to you about our the Hypnoband in Hertfordshire.

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Talking therapies are proven to work at solving anxiety. Hypnosis in particular creates a deep state of relaxation that dissolves the stress that creates this anxiety. Finding an experienced anxiety hypnotherapists can be hugely important for someone who is looking to resolve their problem once and for all.

At Balance Hypnosis are experts at providing Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire. We have experience in working with anxiety as well as many fears and phobias such as:

Fear of Flying Hypnosis
Spider Phobias
Fear of Driving
Fear of Public Speaking
Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks
Claustrophobia Help
and many more....

If you would like to get some professional help to resolve you anxiety then give us a call on 020 8351 2744 and we will be happy to help.

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Evening clinic tonight in St Albans. Our evening sessions run from 4pm until 8pm so still plenty of time to visit us after work.
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Full day today in Enfield and Brookmans Park. We are also welcoming our new assistant today Linda who will be answering the phone from now on.
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5pm and 7pm appointment now available on the 8th July. Grab them whilst you can.

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Appointments left on the evening of the 8th July otherwise limited availability until the first week of August.
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Interesting article in The Independent. If a therapist is governed by a professional body then this should not happen. At Balance Hypnosis we ask some of our client to make a minimal commitment to our sessions usually three or five. Once that time period has finished we discuss whether further sessions are necessary. We never pressurise our clients into having more sessions. It is a decision that only a client can make.
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Fully booked at our Brookmans Park clinic this evening. Working with weight loss, procrastination and anxiety today.
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Interesting thoughts and not that shocking. If I tell a client they absolutely are not allowed to do something they are more likely to want to do the problem behaviour. If I give them a happy middle ground they are more likely to see positive results.
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Did you know that we have developed a sleep protocol that works in as little as one session? If you are having sleepless nights then contact us for details. We even give you a free download as part of the package.
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