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7S MODEL Amazon , Flipkart , Paytm
7S MODEL Let’s talk about the hard element first Strategy is the hardest segment where the survival of the
company may depend, an example other than online portal would be the Epson Vs
HP printers, they have both stood the time of the decade with different

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E-commerce Amazon Drip Model
DRIP model is a marketing communication model and it is mainly
used in broad communication plan. It’s a very useful plan when it’s used in
launching new products or existing products. D stands for differentiate, R for reinforce, I for Inform
and P for persu...

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E- Commerce Amazon Ansoff Model
Model Market penetration is the major challenge for online
retailers, in the case of Amazon, entry in India and Australia was the major
challenge. In India, homegrown companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, etc.
were already competing with each oth...

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The e-commerce industry is expected to grow to US$188 Billion by 2025.
In the past few years, e-commerce industries have experienced massive
growth, due to the penetration of Smartphones and Indian e-commerce  industry
is expected to grow to US$188 Billion by 2025. Now, people with limited access to a premium brand in teir-2 a...

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Amazon Porters Five Forces
Porters Five Forces Threat of new entrance is significantly high in Online
retail which can be seen by Amazon’s efforts in capturing the Indian Market
with significantly new players like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, etc. This has
resulted in Amazon changing i...

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Brand Extension Winning Formula
Brand Extension. Brand Extension is to take maximum advantage of brand value and
enter new market or sector. Brand extension can be also risky and even may lead consumer
to switch brand. Brand extension some time can hurt the main brand.   Failure

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Brand personality
Brand personality Brand personality is a set of human personality associated
with brand.   Various factor like age, gender,
socio economic section, psychological, emotional etc are associated with brand personality. Google brand personality is simplicity, e...

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‘That Time of Year Again’ - Prize Giving Ceremonies
I would like to congratulate all who have received an award
at ceremony and thank them for all their enterprise, hard work and dedication.

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9 Ways to Create Brand differentiation
Brand differentiation This is how the brand standout from the rest. Easiest way out can be the riskiest way the Price
Differentiation Super discount:   This
is based on the fact that to be the cheapest but this can means lower
profitability and very difficu...

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Brand Architecture: of Google Vs Procter & Gamble
architecture is the organizational structure and the names the brands within its
portfolio.  Main
types of the brand architecture are monolithic – here the corporate name is
used in all products, endorsed in this all sub brands are linked to the main
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