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How to Write With Emotional Distractions
As you may have noticed, I have not been around much. For that I apologize. My life has been an emotional roller-coaster. After a few months of travel, I return hoping to get back to normalcy only to have my husband say he's moving out. Yes, I was incredibl...
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Clarissa Draper

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Great post Clarissa. I have both of Joy's books. And they are very informative as well as well written. Travel is the best for gaining knowledge and reading comes a close second. 
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Clarissa Draper

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Canadian Mystery Writers Encyclopedia: Alan Bradley
Biography :  Adam Bradley is a Canadian author who has written many books including the  Crime Writers' Association Debut Dagger Aw...
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I just finished reading a book about the brain that said basically "use it or lose it" snd that applies even in old age. They suggested taking up a new challenging project when you get older. That's what you're doing and it's a great inspiration to me. Hope you have a great year. 
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Thanks, Clarissa. 
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Clarissa Draper

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Reading Helps Prevent Prejudice
LeonidasGR / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Last year, I stopped in Jamaica as part of a seven-day cruise. I had heard horror stories about the country and so I was scared to leave the designated port area. According to "reports", every man would rape me and I would b...
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The Standing Desk and Creativity
You can see my mat and the tote I'm using. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Ha! Well, today I'm going to try to work standing up.  Why? The Benefits: (1) Health - According to October 2013 Vogue magazine, persistent sitting increases the risk ...
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I'm a mystery writer who drinks coffee. (It's a tagline, not a synopsis!)
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I am a writer, it's my craft and my passion. When I'm not writing I'm drinking coffee and thinking about writing. If I'm ignoring you, it's because I'm in another world.
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