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29 Feb 2012

Launch of Say No to Schistosoma Research Project

Schistosomiasis is a tropical disease caused by parasitic worms that are transmitted by freshwater snails. The disease kills 200,000 people each year and affects over 207 million people. Schistosomiasis is second only to malaria in its socioeconomic devastation.

The researchers at Infórium University in Belo Horizonte and FIOCRUZ-Minas, Brazil, are running the Say No to Schistosoma project on World Community Grid to perform computer simulations of the interactions between millions of chemical compounds and certain target proteins. This will help find the most promising compounds that may lead to effective treatments for the disease.

Please join us and donate your unused computer time to help search for new drugs to treat this severe and neglected disease!

For more information about this exciting project, please go to the Research overview on our website.
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