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Wonder how much money you can save by fixing your credit? Anthony entered our credit repair program 3 months ago and as of today, he's saved $438, 922! He currently has 73/91 items removed including tax liens, judgements, collections and charge-offs. That's 80% deletion in 3 months! Are you ready to start your new life today and never look back? Check out what we can do for you today with our risk-free credit sweep at

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What do you spend on needless stuff every day like coffee, soda, energy drinks, tobacco, alcohol and all've those things you stick in your cart at the store you don't need? I'm sure it amounts to more than $6.25 right? Well, if you're reading this, it's because you have credit issues and I have good news for you:

I can help virtually all clients and you can afford these credit repair services because it's only $6.25 per day.

Wouldn't you like to rest easy at night? How about answering your phone without dreading that it's a collection agency or a creditor threatening you? If you're looking for a credit repair company that gets the job done with extremely easy pricing, then look no further.

In less than 60 seconds, you can be on your way to controlling your financial life instead of being a creature of circumstance. Just imagine your credit as an asset instead of a dirty little secret!

Do this: head to and get your new life started today. If you have questions call 845-481-0780. 

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Are you struggling with your credit and want to change your life? It's as simple as clicking on this link for more information. If you're even 1/2 as successful as our other clients, your only issue will be that you didn't contact us sooner!
Click to change your life --->

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Get 20% off of the Initial Audit from Monday - Wednesday (14th)! That means you save $49! This is a Google-only promo --> Call 845-481-0780 and mention Google!

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I'm giving you the 1st of a 4-letter collection removal campaign that's removed thousands of collections in the past 12 months for FREE! You'll find the link to the letter in the video. Believe me, if you're even 1/2 as successful as my other clients, you'll be very, very impressed.

For those of you who need some help, I provide a free consultation to take over your file and do the dirty work for you. For those of you DIY-ers, I provide 3 new DIY packages on the new services page of the website. You may also request a 1-hour session to go over your file and get my advice and an action plan @ $85 p/h. Just schedule an appt on the website.

Check it all out at

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You requested it, we delivered! The new validation of debt webcast will be posted on the videos page of the website on June 11th! The page will be live at 5am EST June 11th - check it out tomorrow at to learn how, when, why and when not to use VOD letters!

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Our new website design is live! Check out the new SSL-secured site at

Our new website design will be live around the 19th of this month! We're switching hosting providers due to the limited design and coding capabilities and will now be able to deliver faster loading and better content. We hope you'll love it as much as we do!

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Don't wait too long or you'll miss the Memorial Day sale! Ends Wendesday at 12AM.

Want to save $100s? You now have 2 options: Flat fee or split fee.
Almost everyone qualifies!

Check it out now at

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Memorial Day Credit Sweep Sale!

Dates: Sunday - Tuesday only
Sale: Up to 50 items, 1-time fee $599
2 payments of $350 ($350 upon sign up and $350 30 days later)

Client sign up form:
Flat fee payment:
Option 2 1st payment:

*Not valid after Tuesday
**Up to 50 items means the total amount of negative items on your credit file to be disputed does not exceed 50
***New files only

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