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What are the SECRETS of being BEAUTIFUL? How can one become more beautiful and physically attractive?
#beauty #beautiful #looks #appearance #attractiveness #health

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Ancient Indian philosophy, which forms part of the modern Hinduism prescribed three different ways for achieving self actualization, or Moksha - the final and ultimate state of mental peace, wherein an individual is able to detach himself from his mortal and egoistic bonds and enjoy an existence free of stress or confusion!

The three ways to achieve this self actualization were Gyan (knowledge), Karma (self less and dutiful action) and Bhakti (devotion). It made religious salvation and self actualization a reality for everyone.

#India #Hinduism #Gyan #Karma #Bhakti #self-actualization #moksha #nirvana

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Quantitative Easing was touted as the solution for dealing with 2007 global economic crisis. However, even after 10 years of QE, it is difficult to say if that view was rational. Clearly, there is something missing in the Keynesian economic theory which forms the basis of QEs.

Is it the Role of Expectations in asset market ?

#economics #economic-crisis #2007 #QE #quantitative-easing #economy

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One can live a healthy and fit life in spite of having ASTHMA, thanks to long term asthma control medicines. Awareness about these medicines and important points about them when using them can go a long way in controlling asthma successfully and achieving a healthy lifestyle.

#asthma #asthmatics #asthma-care #treatment-asthma #medicines #health

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Mughal dynasty in India began as a foreign rule, but within a generation later, it was completely assimilated into the Indian culture and civilization... such was the strength of Indian civilization.

Babur's grandson, Akbar not only married a Hindu princess without converting her to Islam, but also proposed a new religion called "DEEN-E-ELAHI" which had elements of both Hinduism and Islam, and which he thought could be a lasting solution to their differences.

Wiiliam Durant, the author of History of Civilization in 11 volumes, considers AKBAR as more Hindu than Muslim, and history suggests that his Hindu subjects of the time also shared a similar opinion. The Mughal rule and its prosperity was thus a continuation of the great Indian tradition of assimilating all and one!

.... it was so... till the British East India Company, with roots firmly in Britain colonized it, and exploited it economically for two centuries.

#India #incredible #culture #civilization #society #religion #Mughal #dynasty

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NSAIDs or Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs form the mainstay of treatment in joint pains, including those arising from Arthritis. However, they also have significant adverse impacts, which are more pronounced in the long run. Hence, there can be a need to alternatives!

#joints #joint-pains #arthritis #inflammation #pain #pain-killers #NSAID #medicines #health
Alternatives To Nsaids For Arthritis
Alternatives To Nsaids For Arthritis

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Angels are human beings with a divine touch of benevolence that makes them stand apart. Have you come across them in real life as yet?

#angels #benevolent #divine #religion #mythology #spiritual
Are There Angels Among Us
Are There Angels Among Us

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One of the most incredible things about INDIA are its age old festivals. These traditional festivals that have religious, cultural, historical and moral connotations, are not only a way of preserving culture and civilization values, but also a great source of collective camaraderie, enjoyment and inspiration.

One such festival is KRISHNA JANMASHTHAMI that celebrates the birth of KRISHNA, a reincarnation of Vishnu, one of the central characters of MAHABHARATA who gave us the philosophies of Karma and Yoga in Bhagwat Geeta.

It is difficult to say whether people celebrate it for the enjoyment quotient or for its religious sanctity .... actually their integration is one of the features of incredible India!

#India #Indian #culture #civilization #festivals #Krishna #Janmashthmi #Karma

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Most of the environmental crises facing mankind are a result of our collective and stupid ignorance about the role of natural equilibriums in preserving everything in nature ... from human life to environment.

Understanding this simple fact and implementing it in our policies and daily life is the only solution.

Unfortunately, it is too simple for most people. They are only impressed with things that are complicated enough to be either incomprehensible or unimplementable!

#natural #equilibriums #natural-equilibriums #carbon #cycle #water-cycle #environment

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Alternative Medicine and lifestyle changes have an important place in the clinical management of hypertension and preserving cardio vascular health. Most of these measures need to be adapted as part of daily life.

After all, hypertension or high blood pressure is a life style diseases!

#health #heart #hypertension #natural-remedies #alternative-medicine #stress
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