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Tabletop Forge open beta is now live! For those that don't know +Tabletop Forge is a Google+ Hangout app that allows you to play roleplaying games on top of the excellent video/audio chat that a Hangout provides.. If you don't want to use the button in the blog post this is the link it calls:

Current features include support of loading maps and an integrated chat that supports emotes, whispers, dice rolls, and table rolls. Dice macros for commonly used rolls as well as "rollable" tables to simulate encounter tables, treasure tables, etc. and also one time "draw" tables like card decks is supported.

Map features include loading maps and tokens from both public URLs as well as local files and including locking, resizing, and rotating the images. Hex and square grid overlays are supported as well as a snap to grid option.

Freehand drawing tools are supported for annotating the map as well as temporary pointers to show items of interest.

On the Roadmap for upcoming features is saving the entire state of the Hangout to the "cloud" to easily continue between sessions, a simple fog-of-war for the map, Google docs integrated character sheets, as well as more advanced options for the dice parser and rollable tables.
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