Hash bang AJAX URLs no longer supported by Google Webmaster Tools fetch utility?

As I detailed in a Product Forum post...
... the improved fetch functions for Google Webmaster Tools seemingly makes it impossible to retrieve either fetch or fetch-and-render data on hash-bang (#!) URLs.

Prior to the change Google would report on what it saw when the "#!" was transformed to "?escaped_fragment=" as per Google's mechanism for crawling AJAX (where the "ugly URL" was used to fetch an HTML snapshot).

I can transform "#!" to "?escaped_fragment=" myself, but a benefit of the fetch function before is that I could use it to verify that Google was correctly fetching the ugly URL when a #! URL was requested in the first place.

Anyone have any clever ideas about how I could get a bot's-eye view of AJAX now?

cc:  +John Mueller +Maile Ohye 
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