for ecommerce just got a lot more granular

As announced on the blog, the GoodRelations vocabulary from has now been integrated into

This is a major extension of ecommerce types and properties available via  The featured screenshot shows an example of just how much the vocabulary has been extended.

From the post:
Effective immediately, the GoodRelations vocabulary ( is directly available from within the site for use with both HTML5 Microdata and RDFa. Webmasters of e-commerce sites can use all GoodRelations types and properties directly from the namespace to expose more granular information for search engines and other clients, including delivery charges, quantity discounts, and product features. Enumerated lists of values remain managed at GoodRelations URLs, following our general approach for referencing 'external enumerations'.

GoodRelations chief cook and bottle washer +Martin Hepp has augmented the announcement with some great information on how the integration works, along with some code examples:

A great step forward, IMHO, in the application of structured data for ecommerce.
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