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The descriptions that had disappeared from Google+ snippets for shared posts are back.
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AJ Kohn
The new image dimension is playing havoc with my images :(
+AJ Kohn T'would be nice if there was consistency between how different social networks handle image aspect ratios and sizes, wouldn't it?  And even without that, it would be great if there was stability in image handling within any single network.

But ... no dice. :)

As I've previously pointed out, the weirdest of these recent changes IMO is Facebook's decision to support 1.19:1 as their preferred aspect ratio.

1.19:9?  That makes me 2.13 times more confused than I was before encountering this guideline.
AJ Kohn
Seriously +Aaron Bradley. I mean, I don't mind change but ... it almost seems like they're trying to make it tougher instead of easier.  
+Terry Simmonds did you by any chance blog about the differences in the two itemprops? Are you do you know of another resource?
+Bill Bean I blogged about using meta itemprop or span itemprop some time ago.

From my tests though either way works.
For some reason I still cant get the description to show even if i've followed your guide. Hmm... 
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