Google is keeping tabs on publicly-available datasets

A couple of weeks after information about a beta support for tabular datasets surfaced in Google structured data documentation (, and nearly two years after Google began piloting the use of (, Google has now revealed how dataset information will start surfacing in its search results.

The (somewhat laconic) example Google provides in this announcement is impressive: what surfaces from this ProPublica dataset isn't simply information about the dataset, but specific data points from that set that satisfy the searcher's query.

All of this is consistent with Google's decade-long trend of expanding from being a provider of linked document descriptions to providing data directly from those documents (or more precisely, in this case, from linked resources described by a document).

No appearance yet in the Search Features or Search Gallery pages, but I think it's fair to call this a new rich results type. While the announcement example closely resembles a featured snippet, featured snippets haven't to date been based on structured data: I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see the line blur between what are currently featured snippets and rich (and/or enriched) results.

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