More on Satori

Unicorn, Satori, Trinity, Snapshot:  I'm beginning to think the people that work on and name these initiatives read a lot of Robert Ludlum novels.

Anyway, among the many interesting places this +Laurie Sullivan piece led me was Microsoft Research Trinity's site (, where I was able to discover a bit more about the Trinity application, Satori (I hadn't found this before when poking around for Satori stuff because the information transcribed below is imaged-rendered text, so wasn't spiderable).  Here's what you'll find under "SPARQL" in Trinity's application menu:


- World's largest knowledge base
- Billion triple RDF graph
- Horizontally scalable
- Memory-based graph database
- Specific index and query optimization for RDF data
- Efficient query processing
- For a 0.8 billion RDF graph, Trinity-RDF store can answer SPARQL queries within 50 ms. In contrast, the state-of-the-art approach's average response time is 255ms

Pretty heady stuff.
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