After a decade I eventually came to the point where most discussions of links in the context of SEO just bored me to tears.  It's not that links aren't important for SEO, of course, but that I've seen enough discussion about link acquisition strategy, the relative value of different sorts of anchor text and the merits and dangers of purchasing links to last me a lifetime.

And all pretty ironic, in my book, as the whole supposition behind the value of links is that links represent organically-generated "votes" for pages and sites, yet everything link-related in the SEO world is steeped in artifice.

You'll be unsurprised to learn I've never even pretended to offer link building services. ;)

So now we have negative links and Google spawning more types of link notifications, eh?  Meh.  I know I should care more, but I just don't.  (Aside from noting that it's basically crazy to think that webmasters should have any degree of control over the external linking environment.  Google, if I didn't have a role in acquiring "bad" links why on earth should I be compelled to spend my time trying to chase them down and have them removed?  Ginormous +1 to Bing - if that's not too weirdly applying one company's jargon to another - for being able to "disavow" links.  Go ahead and take credit on Bing's behalf for that +Duane Forrester. :)

Anyway, some good perspective in this article- thanks +Julie Joyce!
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